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9 Unique Sex Positions For Pregnant Women Hoping For Something New

As your pregnancy progresses, your sex life changes. With each trimester you are looking and feeling different. So as you move along in your pregnancy, you may find yourself feeling just as horny as your pre-bump days. Just because you have a baby on board doesn’t mean you can’t kick things up in the bedroom. In fact, there are some unique sex positions for pregnant women who are looking for something new, because too many nights of missionary can make a girl start to yawn. As long as you’re keeping a few safety precautions in mind, you are free to experiment with new positions as well as tweak some of your favorites.

Feel free to have fun with your romps, and do stress too much about bad things happening. As the website for What To Expect pointed out, having sex when pregnant will not harm your baby. In fact, getting your groove on during pregnancy has some pretty cool benefits. Pregnancy orgasms can be some of the most mindblowing you may ever experience — and those Os are good for stress relief as well, according to Parents magazine. On top of this great news, regular sex helps to keep you bonded to your partner while you’re both expecting the arrival of your new little one.

Make the most of your pregnancy sex by giving some of these nine unique positions a test drive.


Backstairs Bugaloo

Get funky with your staircase on this one. Since Cosmopolitan instructs that you both kneel on stairs for this rear entry position, you won’t have to worry about any pressure on your belly. You can even hold on to the banister for extra support, if needed.



Think of this position like doing the crab walk while sitting down. As Women’s Health explained, the spider position puts both partners in control of the rhythm, and lets you work together to find the best movement.



Also known as the head rush, this position requires a little bit of limberness. While your partner rests their legs on the bed, the rest of their body cascades down the side of the bed until head and shoulders are resting on the floor, according to Men’s Health. Then you climb on top, straddling your partner.


Rock-A-Bye Booty

Think of this one as half spider position, half bear hug. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, you’ll love this position because you get to enjoy a swaying motion instead of thrusting.


Finger Sex

Let those digits to the dirty work. Taken from a Japanese method, Esquire magazine suggests you try this method letting your partner try out this special finger move on you for some serious pleasure.



If you want to venture outside of your usual realm without contorting your body, try having a romp with a blindfold on. Either just you or both you and your partner can fumble around with just your hands to guide you.


Missionary With A Split

Self has a great way to put a spin on this classic position. To do missionary with a split, simply lie on your back and arrange your legs in a split position, one in the air, and one resting on the bed or floor.


Side Saddle

Just kick back and relax as your partner does the heavy lifting in this position. As Baby Center pointed out, this is a great sex position for pregnant women during any trimester. It’s a lot like missionary, but with both your legs to one side.


Bath Tub Lovin’

Want to relax and have an orgasm all in one. Have your partner meet you in a warm (but not hot) bath and let the action begin. Bonus: The water will take some pressure off your baby bump.