For Those Who Don't Live In The Burbs, Trick-Or-Treating Gets Real *Interesting*

by Lindsay E. Mack

When you think about trick-or-treating, it's easy to picture a typical suburban neighborhood overrun with tiny costumed children. But because Americans live in all sorts of environments, and not just the 'burbs, trick-or-treat activities can adapt to reflect those differences. Really, learning about the unique ways people trick-or-treat around the country is a fascinating look at the lengths we'll go to give kids candy. It's heartwarming, really. People will celebrate Halloween pretty much anywhere.

So if you live in a part of the country that isn't conducive to door-to-door trick-or-treating, or you just want a change of pace this year, then the alternative trick-or-treat locations should be on your radar. All sorts of unexpected locations are serving out candy this Halloween, so consider thinking outside the neighborhood block. Cars, boats, and even airplanes are getting in on the seasonal fun, as well as several locations that might surprise you.

There's a lot to be said for ringing doorbells and getting to know the neighbors, but these alternative trick-or-treating events prove the spirit of Halloween lives on in just about any location. Read on to find a new place you and your little ghouls just might haunt for candy this year.



Plenty of shopping malls have begun offering trick-or-treating for costumed customers, so check to see whether your local mall has anything going on. It looks like the Mall Of America has a big Halloween night crowd, judging by its Twitter pic. That's bound to be an amazing experience.


Apartment Buildings

Plenty of apartment buildings offer trick-or-treating options for the youngest residents, so check with your renters to see if there's any holiday options planned. My former apartment community offered special door hangers for any residents who wanted to give out candy, ensuring the kiddos only visited willing participants. It was a cool setup.



For a trunk or treat, adults decorate their car trunks for Halloween, then gather in a parking lot so kids can trick-or-treat from one vehicle to another, as noted in Holidappy. It's a blast for the kids, and adults get to put some creativity into their trunk displays, as shown by the NoHo Arts District.


Dockside Trick-or-Treating

Plenty of marinas and yacht clubs across the country take Halloween festivities to the water. In fact, decorating your boat for dockside trick-or-treating is a thrill for many children and boaters alike, as noted in Fog machines, pirate flags, and jack-o'-lanterns are just a few ways to outfit your ship before the costumed kiddies show up. As the Great Lakes Skipper proves, ghosts on boats are pretty great.



Even airports get in on the spooky festivities. For instance, planes decorated with a Halloween theme were especially welcome at the Moore County Airport's Trick Or Treat Day last year, as noted on the Pinehurst Regional Airport's website.



Even your nearby park or campground might host some Halloween-related festivities. For instance, the Frankenmuth Jellystone Park hosts a trick-or-treat and pumpkin painting event in late September, as noted on the park's website. (I'm totally on board with the idea of stretching out Halloween festivities as long as possible.)



As someone who is friends with many librarians, I can attest that some libraries party pretty hard for Halloween. For example, the New York Public Library will offer trick-or-treating this year, open to kids under 12, according to the NYPL website. There might be something of a twist, though, because the website states that" the treats will not be candy." Hmmm. You'll have to show up to see what that means, I guess.



It looks like Halloween parties at the zoo are a thing all over the country. For example, the Louisville Zoo offers several trick-or-treating events throughout October 2018, as noted on the zoo's website. Walking around wild animals while dressed in costume sounds like every kid's dream come true.



Yep, there's probably a museum near you that also celebrates Halloween. For instance, there's a Trick-Or-Treat at the Museum night at the Children's Museum of Phoenix. Really, these alternative trick-or-treat events all sound like a total blast.