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9 Unusual Clues That Predict Your Marriage Is In Trouble

Finding the one that you want to be with for the rest of your life has to be one of the most enjoyable realizations out there. I mean, think about it: out of all the people in the world, this one person is who you were intended to be with. And, more importantly, they were meant to be with you. In some cases though, not everyone gets their happily ever after. Before couples get to the divorce stage there are usually some unusual clues that predict your marriage is in trouble.

Though some people may feel as if they can spot when things are going downhill in their relationship, that may not always be the case. What you may think is no big deal could actually be a huge deal to your spouse, and you may not even realize it. From the change in their habits to a change in your mentality, there may be a few unnoticeable clues that could be damaging your marriage. But by noticing these clues as early as possible and working together to rectify them, you and your spouse could avoid the trouble that was once so close.

Looking to live in bliss? These nine clues could help you spot the trouble in your marriage as early as possible.


You Assume The Worst

According to Livestrong if you are assuming the worst out of your spouse, that is a clue to predicting your marriage is in trouble. Marriage and family therapist Doreen Meister told the site that if you are always thinking the worst, then there is a disconnect in your relationship, which could lead to it failing.


You've Started To Build A Second Home

Oprah noted that if you are "building a second home" your marriage may be in trouble, because you are pre-occupying your time with many other groups done without your spouse, such as book clubs.


You've Stopped Dating

Do you and your spouse still have date night now that you're married? If not, Huffington Post noted that not dating could be a predictor of a troubled marriage because you are not keeping your romance alive.


You've Put Up A Wall

Everyone goes through moments of shutting themselves down, but according to Livestrong, putting up a wall could be a clue that your marriage is troubled. Kirk Honda, a professor of counseling and family therapy, explained that when you see this type of "stonewalling" occurring in the relationship, it's usually an indicator that it will end soon.


You're No Longer Affectionate

According to Psych Central, when there is a loss of affection in a marriage, it usually means that there is a unexpressed resentment that needs to be addressed or worked through.


You Refuse To Talk Things Out

Cosmopolitan noted that if you or your spouse refuses to talk things out, your marriage could be troubled, too. When one of you completely shuts down or leave angrily, it creates lack of communication and an emotional distance between you two.


You're Too Dependent On Your Spouse

If you are too dependent on your spouse for the small things, Health Guidance noted that this could be a predictor of a troubled marriage. Doing this causes an imbalance in your relationship as your partner could feel burdened or irritated by you.


You've Stopped Self-Caring

According to Psych Central, if one of you stops good self-care, your marriage could be troubled. This could be gaining weight, dressing down on date night, or not grooming adequately.


You're More Roommates Than Teammates

Huffington Post noted that when you begin to live as roommates instead of teammates, you should worry about your marriage. Those who are in marriages often think of their partner when making decisions. When you start thinking less of them and more of you, you will have issues.