9 Warning Signs From Your Lady Parts That You Should Never, Ever Ignore

Sometimes you'd rather just ignore certain pains and aches, especially when they occur in your lady parts. But in general, it's smart to get these issues checked out by a doctor. In fact, there are many warning signs from your lady parts that you shouldn’t ignore.

Sure, your breasts, butt, and vagina are among your body's more exciting parts, but they still need healthcare as much as the rest of your body. Even if you're easily embarrassed by private things, sometimes healthcare is a bigger need. Although it may be awkward to stroll into a doctor's office for a real-deal pain in your butt, taking care of your body is crucial at all times.

In addition, the female anatomy is vulnerable to all sorts of medical problems. Infections, nerve pain, and medication side effects are all possible causes of pain to these areas. Plus, these problems are fairly common. For instance, about 30 percent of adult women have dealt with bacterial vaginosis, while approximately 75 percent of adult women have had a yeast infection at some point in life, according to the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. So although you may feel uncomfortable about your symptoms, your doctor has probably treated the same condition countless times.


Breast Tenderness

For many women, breast tenderness is a normal part of the monthly hormonal cycle. In other cases, however, breast soreness is a side effect of certain medications, including Oxymetholone and Chlorpromazine, according to Medline Plus. Chat with your doctor if these potential side effects are problematic.


Breast Pain

Bodily pain almost always means something is wrong, and breast pain is no different. In many cases, breast pain is caused by benign conditions, but breast cancer is a possibility, according to the Mayo Clinic.


Breast Leakage

If your breasts leak when you aren't pregnant or breastfeeding, it's a cause for concern. In some cases, a type of bloody discharge is caused by a papilloma (benign) tumor that affects a single duct, according to the Mayo Clinic. Although it's probably safe, this condition definitely deserves a doctor's check-up.


Central Butt Pain

A literal pain in the butt is no laughing matter. When the middle part of your butt hurts, it may be caused by Piriformis syndrome, a condition that affects the piriformis muscle in that area, according to Spine-Health. Muscle spasms, swelling, and bleeding are additional symptoms, as further explained by Spine-Health.


Constant Butt Pain

If you have a butt pain that won't go away, don't ignore it. Sciatica is a nerve pain that can lead to constant ache in one buttock, according to Spine-Health. It can also affect your legs and make walking difficult.


Vulva Pain

If the opening of the vagina is in particular pain, there may be a serious reason to blame. Vulvodynia is a condition that involves constant pain around the vulva and often the opening of the vagina, according to Everyday Health. Treatment is available, so you don't have to suffer with this discomfort forever.


Unusual Vaginal Discharge

All vaginas produce some amount of discharge on a daily basis, so that is totally normal. But if you see discharge that's an unusual color or odor, you may have a bacterial infection down there, as noted in Healthline. Anything from bacterial vaginosis to a yeast infection may be the culprit.


Vaginal Itchiness

Constant itchiness downstairs is no fun, and it probably indicates a health concern. Reactions to hygiene products, bacterial infection, or a yeast infection can all cause vaginal itchiness, according to the website for Prevention.


Vaginal Pain

Outright pain is never welcome, especially in such a sensitive area. Trauma to the area, or even a common yeast infection, can result in vaginal pain, according to Medicine Net. With so many potential causes, a physician's checkup is a wise move.