9 Ways Dads Can & Should Help With Your Return To Work

Your maternity leave has flown by, and now that it's time to go back to work, you may be feeling a little nervous about how everything is going to get done. After all, you are the glue that keeps it all together. But that's where a supportive partner comes into play. There are plenty of ways dads can and should help with your return to work, so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Besides helping out with cooking, cleaning, and caring for the children, dads can be a tremendous emotional support to new mothers as they prepare to return to work. Simply having someone there to listen to your concerns and offer a few words of encouragement can make all of the difference in helping you make a successful transition back into the workforce.

Although the things on this list can be helpful to most new moms, it's important to keep the lines of communication open with your partner, and let Dad know exactly how he can help. And most importantly, allow yourself some time to get used to adding meetings and conference calls back into your daily routine. By becoming a mom, you've already proven that you can do one of the toughest jobs out there, so there's nothing your boss can throw at you that you can't handle.


Help With Sleep Coaching

You're going to need as much sleep as possible if you plan to be on top of your game at work. One of the best ways your partner can show support is by helping you to sleep coach your baby, as mentioned in Working Mother.


Lend An Ear

Once you go back to work, you're going to need someone to listen to all of your stories about your impossible boss and your annoying coworker. Dad can be a big help by allowing you to share the details of your day.


Help Find Childcare

Going back to work will be much less stressful for everyone if mom knows that she is leaving her little one with someone she can trust. As What to Expect mentioned, you should be comfortable with your childcare arrangement before returning to work. Dads can help sort through resumes and schedule interviews.


Keep Mom Calm

Whether you're starting a new job or going back to an old one, it's not unusual to have a little anxiety about returning to work after baby. Dads can help ease your fears by encouraging you and offering words of support.


Share The Load

If they weren't doing it before, your return to work is a great reason for dads to roll up their sleeves help out around the house. As WebMD advises, parents should divide household responsibilities when Mom is ready to return to work.


Give Mom Some 'Me' Time

You're going to be busier than ever, but it's still important to find time for yourself. As the Mayo Clinic suggests, new working moms can benefit from some time to unwind after baby goes to sleep. So let Dad watch the baby while you take a yoga class or a walk around the block.


Back Her Up

You may be having doubts about leaving your baby to return to work. Dad can help by reminding you that the decision was best for your family, and that he's behind you all the way.


Stay Connected

Although going back to work will leave you with little free time, it's important for a couple to try to find time for each other. Schedule a time for the two of you to reconnect, even if it's just to curl up on the couch with a blanket and a movie.


Pick Up The Slack

Little things like helping out with older children's homework and running errands can save you time and stress when you are going back to work. It will also give Dad a new appreciation for all that you do each day.