9 Ways Pregnancy Sex Is A Mind-Blowing Experience (Yes, I’m Serious)

Pregnancy is a weird time. Like, super weird. Your body does all kinds of things that you have no control over and it can be incredibly unsettling. But there are some fringe benefits to pregnancy, one of which being mind-blowing, toe-curling, knock-your-socks-off sex. There are many ways pregnancy can be the best sex you’ll ever have, as the physical and hormonal changes can trigger some incredibly pleasurable sensations.

Of course, not every mom-to-be wants to be touched or titillated. It’s perfectly normal for pregnant women to lose their libido, and you should listen to what your body wants (and doesn’t want) during this time. If that means laying off the sex, then so be it. There are plenty of ways to find intimacy with a partner or physical pleasure by yourself that don’t involve sex.

But many people are surprised to find that pregnancy and sex are actually compatible and make for an incredible experience. In fact, some women find that they feel even more sexual during pregnancy than they ever have. And that’s good, because pregnancy sex can be far more pleasurable than pre-baby sex. Don’t believe me? Here are some of the unexpected ways that pregnancy sex might just be the best sexual experience.


You Don’t Have To Worry About Getting Pregnant

The pressure’s off! Whether your pregnancy was unplanned or something you’d been hoping for for sometime, the fact that you’re carrying a baby means that this sex is purely for pleasure. Worrying about an unintended pregnancy or carrying the hope of conception on each sexual encounter can be tough. Not having to worry means you can be free to enjoy yourself fully.


You Have Increased Nipple Sensitivity

As What to Expect points out, your breast get bigger and more sensitive during pregnancy thanks to all the estrogen flowing through your system. Some people experience this as pain and tenderness, but others find it extremely pleasurable. This might change throughout your pregnancy, so communicate with any partners about where you’re at before getting down. But enjoy the sensitivity while it’s there.


You Experience Heightened Genital Sensitivity

Increased blood flow to your pelvic area can make your genitals swollen, which can cause heightened sensations, according to BabyCenter. When your vulva becomes engorged from all that extra blood, it can lead to more pleasurable sex.


You Don't Have To Buy Lube

Many people find that they have more vaginal discharge during pregnancy, which can make sex easier and more enjoyable. Not to mention it saves you some money on lube.


You Have More Intense Orgasms

Stephanie Buehler, a psychologist and sex therapist who runs The Buehler Institute, told The Huffington Post that orgasms can be more pleasurable during pregnancy due to the “ increased blood flow to the genitals” She added that pregnant women also produce more oxytocin, which can make orgasms especially intense.


You Have A Potentially Raging Libido

As I mentioned earlier, some women have a stronger libido due to the extra estrogen and progesterone coursing through their system. This is particularly true during the second trimester, when many of the tough physical symptoms of early pregnancy have passed.


You’re Forced To Try New Things

As a pregnant person’s body changes, many well-loved positions may no longer be feasible or comfortable. This means that trying new things is inevitable, whether it’s positions, props, or activities. You might find something new that you never knew you loved.


You May Feel More Secure In Your Body

When you’re no longer in control of your body’s size, shape, or function, it can mean letting go of feelings of inadequacy or insecurity. This can help you be more present and let you enjoy the moment as it happens instead of worrying about how your stomach looks from a particular angle.


You Can Have The Orgasm Of Your Dreams

Those pregnancy hormones can have another benefit—all that sensitivity can mean that even mere fantasy can be enough to put a pregnancy person over the edge. For some people (like myself), this means having incredibly vivid sex dreams during pregnancy. This can translate to orgasms in your sleep.

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