9 Ways Technology Would Have Changed '90s Movies, Possibly For The Better

Everyone has their favorite movies from the '90s, and each one is full of drama, laughs, and plot twists that make fans watch them over and over again. But have you ever thought about how different those movies would be if the characters of Pulp Fiction had smart phones? There's no denying the ways technology would have changed ‘90s movies, and it's no surprise that these changes would turn some of these movies into completely different films.

Currently, people rely on technology to get them through our day, so it's hard to imagine how — like our favorite characters in '90s movies — people made any plans or got anything accomplished without these devices. Toward the end of the ‘90s, many movie characters were using beepers and cell phones to stay in touch with friends, but imagine how mind blowing it would have been for the cast of Clueless to have Twitter. It makes me wonder what other hilarious things could have happened, if say, Cher live tweeted her makeover of Tai.

We take for granted so much of today's technological advances, that it seems so simple to solve the problems of the '90s with a little finger swipe. Just consider these nine ways technology would have changed movies in the '90s to have a good laugh at how far we've come.



They already had cell phones in Clueless, so imagine if Cher could have been tweeting about her match-making, makeovers, and — most importantly — her self-discovery. With her influence and the power of Twitter, she would have helped many teens and tweens glide through those rough middle and high school years like a girl boss.



If Go Fund Me was around when Empire Records (1995) was made, they could have easily raised enough money to save the store. Although there probably wouldn't have been much drama.



So many of the characters in Pulp Fiction got into trouble — or killed — because they were accused of being in the wrong place, with the wrong person, at the wrong time, doing the wrong thing. If they could have only sent a Snap Chat to Marcellus Wallace to prove they were doing the right thing, many lives could have been spared.


YouTube Tutorials

Being an outcast isn't easy, but at least Edward in Edward Scissorhands could have been a You Tube sensation by sharing gardening and hair cut tutorials on his YouTube channel.


Find My Phone App

The tortured teens in Scream could have quickly captured the killer by adding all their friend's phones to their Find My Phone app. It would also have been a good warning for them to hide when they saw the killer was calling from their backyard.



If Facebook had been around when Buffy The Vampire Slayer came out, she could have saved a lot of lives. Think how comforted all the teens being stalked by vampires would feel, to know that Buffy was only a PM away. She could have posted so many tips to her followers for avoiding vampires.



If Jennifer Aniston had an OK Cupid account in Picture Perfect, she would have never needed to hire someone to pretend to be her fiancee. In fact, this piece of technology could change the landscape of many rom coms.



After being grounded, Kid has to sneak out and go through a lot of trouble to make it to the party at Play's house. If Kid would have been able to send a few text messages to friends, he would have been able to enjoy the fun in House Party for a lot longer.


GPS Tracking

There would have been a lot less crying and panic in The Blair Witch Project if they had been able to use GPS tracking to get out of those woods. Never, ever would sending someone a pin drop have been more useful.

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