9 Ways To Be A Better Kisser, According To Science

Chances are, you haven’t read a kissing guide since high school. But there are some legitimate science-based ways to become a better kisser. That’s right: the study of kissing, known as philematology, is a real thing, and scientific research has come up with tips to help you max out your kissing game. Thanks, science!

There are loads of reasons to become a better kisser, beyond increasing the pleasure in your own life. It’s a big deal for a lot of people. In fact, a study in the Evolutionary Psychology journal found that both men and women are far less likely to continue a relationship if the kissing is sub-par. If you’ve ever vibed with someone up until the point when your lips locked (and then felt instant regret), you understand just how crucial a great kiss can be.

Overall, the tips for improving your smooching are pretty straightforward. You don’t have to do anything weird or crazy, just know what you like and also respond to your partner. In fact, you can think of kissing as just another form of communication. And like the regular word-form of communication, kissing should be done as frequently as possible. It’s the most literal love language of all.


Initiate More

Author William Cane researched preferences for his book, The Art Of Kissing. As reported by Time, Cane noted that in general, men prefer their partners to initiate kisses more often. So don't be afraid to take the lead. If your partner is a lady, you may want to follow WebMD's advice and use kissing as a way to convey tenderness and closeness in a relationship.


Kiss More Often

Most of the scientific kissing literature agrees on one thing: the more kisses, the better! In fact, an article in the New York Times references a study from the 1980s that found men who kiss their wives before leaving for work tend to live longer, have fewer car accidents, and even earn a higher income than married men who did not partake in this ritual. Although the constant practice can only help you become a better kisser, it may also help improve other areas of your life, too.


Drink (A Little)

As Today reports, alcohol stimulates many of the same brain chemicals as a kiss, so locking lips after a glass of or two may help ramp up the overall feel-good feelings. Enjoy the time-honored tradition gift of a bottle of wine with your kissing buddy to make things even better.


Get A Bit Aggressive

Wired reports that men tend to prefer more open-mouthed kisses, postulating that men may be subconsciously attempting to transfer testosterone and ramp up women's' sex drives. Even if that seems a bit weird, you can try to get a bit more aggressive and messy with your kisses to switch things up.


Tilt Right

The forehead bump is not smooth. As NPR reported, a study of couples kissing in public found that two-thirds opted for the right head-tilt. If you're kissing someone for the first time, lean your head to the right — odds are they will be doing the same.


Kiss Anytime

Couples who make time for all kinds of kisses tend to have lower stress hormones and stronger relationships, as WebMD notes. Kissing "just because," and not only as a prelude to sex, can help you and your partner feel closer.


Mind The Environment

As The New Yorker explained, the overall environment can really affect the quality of your kissing experience. Feeling stressed or pressured can hamper the experience. But if you and your partner are relaxed and in sync, chances are your smooch session will be great for both of you.

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