9 Ways To Cure Pregnancy Heartburn

by Lindsay E. Mack

Most people would expect pregnancy to entail some backaches and nausea, but the full reality of growing a new baby can be a lot to face. For instance, you may need some ways to cure heartburn during pregnancy, just in case you start to feel the acid burn.

Why does heartburn so often occur at this inopportune time? You can thank those pregnancy hormones. According to Baby Center, the hormone progesterone helps your uterus relax, but it also loosens up the valve between your stomach and esophagus. This means those acids in your stomach have an easier time creeping up into the chest, producing an awful burning sensation.

Oh, and to make matters worse, pregnancy can limit your options for treatment and medication. Hey, pregnancy body: can't you just play nice for a while? The whole baby-growing process is enough work on its own.

Fortunately, there are many lifestyle changes you can make to lessen the effects of pregnancy heartburn. Sometimes this involves choosing blander food options — the extra spicy fried chicken may not be your best friend right now. Other options are even easier, such as wearing loose-fitting clothing. In general, there are many tactics that can help you weather the worst of heartburn.


Avoid Tight Clothes

Well, this is probably a welcome tip. According to Everyday Health, tight pants can basically squish stomach acid back into your esophagus. All the more reason to dress in comfy clothes.


Try Antacids

This sounds like a no-brainer, but many moms-to-be may worry about safety. Rest assured that, according to the American Pregnancy Association, most antacids are safe for pregnant women to take. As with any medication, however, you should ask a doctor if you have questions or concerns.


Stay Vertical

Lying down can give the acid easy entry to your esophagus. According to Health, it's smart to sit up straight or walk around after eating a meal in order to prevent heartburn. This gives your stomach time to settle.


Use Ginger

So, this may fall more on the folk remedy side of things. But as noted in Healthline, small amounts of ginger may help reduce the irritation associated with heartburn. If you already enjoy the spicy root, it's all the more reason to indulge.


Choose Gentle Foods

Some foods may worsen symptoms of heartburn. According to Babble, foods that are deep-fried or spicy can aggravate heartburn. Sometimes, bland is the better option.


Eat More Slowly

When you're hungry, it's satisfying to go at your food like a beast. But according to WebMD, eating meals more slowly tends to help people with heartburn issues. Try to keep mealtime chill.


Choose Smaller Meals

If you prefer grazing throughout the day anyway, this may be welcome advice. According to the American Pregnancy Association, eating about six small meals during the day, instead of three large ones, is another way to avoid heartburn.


Elevate Your Sleeping Space

Does heartburn seem to get worse at night? According to WebMD, elevating your head at night with a wedge pillow can mitigate heartburn symptoms. Gravity can help you manage that stomach acid.


Consider A Doctor's Visit

If your heartburn is especially persistent, and does not respond to these treatments, then it may be time to check in with a doctor. Stronger medications that are still safe for pregnancy are available. Until then, remember that this type of heartburn tends to go away after you give birth.