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9 Ways To Explain Sex Positivity To Someone Who Has No Idea What It Is

While being the most woke person in your circle of friends can be awesome, it's not necessarily the most easy position in the world. You can often find yourself explaining concepts to people who don't understand them or don't believe in them. Sometimes you may find yourself frustrated during these conversations. But you can find ways to explain sex positivity to people who don't quite get it, and you can prepare yourself for that conversation in a number of ways.

Much like explaining feminism, it's all in your approach. And in remembering that it takes all types to run this glorious world. Not everyone can be as woke as you, girl.

It can be a struggle to pass along a concept to people, whether they're your friends or not. Some people are uninterested, some people don't seem to have the time, and some people just flat out don't believe in feminism or sex positivity as concepts, let alone as important movements in our world. Remain calm — I promise you it won't always be this way. And in the mean time? Arm yourself with a few ways to handle the situation, and it'll be smooth sailing no matter who you're talking to.


Define It

Simplify the conversation by defining sex positivity right off the bat. The Women and Gender Advocacy Center defines sex positivity as the idea that all sex, as long as it's consensual and healthy, is a positive thing. That's it!


Educate Yourself

Keep up on the movement. Read articles, read books, watch TedTalks, and be a part of the conversation. The more you learn, the better you can help other people understand.


Know Thyself

By being comfortable with yourself and your sexuality, you're more apt to understand the movement. Practice makes perfect, even when it comes to belief in sex positivity.


Be Supportive

Be supportive to the person you're speaking with, regardless of how much they know. Also be supportive of anyone else's positive sexual experiences. Paying forward the positivity helps support the movement.


Emphasize Consent

Consent is key. Always. There is no situation ever where consent is not the most important issue on the table. Sing it loud, sing it proud. No means no.


Don't Glamorize Sex

Sex is sex. Sometimes, it's great. Sometimes, it's not. Sometimes, it's just sex. Keep that in mind when talking about sex, having sex, and supporting sex.


Get Involved

Have a friend who needs to know more? The best way to explain is to get them involved. Sign up for a Slut Walk together. Go to a rally together. Watch a talk together.Participate in the movement, and understanding comes a lot quicker.


Keep Your Chill

There are ignorant souls in this world and that's a fact. There's no escaping them. The only thing you can do is practice your chill while talking about subjects that might get you revved up when talking to one of these ignorant souls. Getting mad never helps get a point across.



Listen to what the other person is saying. Really listen. Don't negate their point of view (even if they're wrong), listen, and learn from them. Why do the feel the way they feel? How does it relate to sex positivity? And how can you further the learning process? By listening, you open more doors.