9 Ways To Get Ready For A Date Faster

by Sarah Bunton

Whether you're single and ready to mingle or it's you and your partner's night out, getting ready for a date is no joke. Sure, there are a bunch of played out stereotypes of women taking a ridiculous amount of time to prepare for an outing, but that's nothing to be embarrassed about. And it's not just a "girl thing," either. My husband has been known to log some serious mirror time prior to an evening out. So it's probably safe to say that everyone is in need of some tips to get ready for a date faster.

Between hair, makeup, a perfect outfit, and the right shoes, getting your whole look to be in harmony can seem more challenging than conducting Flight of the Bumblebees. Even if you're like me, and not big into the whole coiffing and cosmetics thing, preparing for date night can still eat up precious minutes you could be spending with your significant other instead. Is there an alternative to a complicated and drawn-out beauty routine that doesn't involve running out the door in gym sweats and a messy bun? Thankfully, it looks like there is. So before you think you have to choose between excellent time management and enjoying the way you look for date night, check out these top tips to help you get ready faster.


Prep The Night Before

You might think that anything you do well in advance of your date night either won't last or won't matter, but think again. Cat Koh, a Laneige makeup artist, told Elle that getting your face hydrated and clear the night before will cut out the need to spend time on prepping your skin the following day. "To brighten your complexion, first slough off dead skin with a peel pad," she said. "Then smooth on a sleeping mask with hyaluronic acid or glycerin before bed and let it work overnight."


Don't Fret About Flaws

Everyone has something they're insecure about. But most people can agree that getting a sudden pimple right before a date can be a huge freak-out factor. Rather than wasting time worrying and loading on pounds of concealer, take the lazy gal approach. Dermatologist Francesca Fusco told Allure that both Visine and hydro-cortisone cream can work in a pinch to dramatically reduce the redness and swelling of sudden blemishes. Anything you can do to save time is a great skill to add to your routine.


Use The Right Stuff

Something that may be holding you back from hitting a record prep time could actually be the tools you're using for applying makeup. Los Angeles-based makeup educator Felicia Alva told Total Beauty that your brushes control the quality and effectivness of your application. So instead of spending too much time trying to get the right amount of shadow or contour, upgrade to some proper brushes and you'll be done in no time.


Pull Double Duty

Speaking of makeup, you can get ready even faster if you use products that accomplish multiple things. For example, makeup artist Anthony Tulve told Refinery29 that mixing a heavy-coverage foundation with moisturizer lets it work as both your foundation and your concealer, depending on how heavily you apply it.


Invest In A Palette

Sometimes picking out the right eye shadow combination can be tricky. Does this taupe work with this burgundy for a smoky eye? Instead of wasting time guessing, YouTube makeup artist and personality, Ingrid Nilsen, told Glamour to opt for an eye shadow palette so you'll know for sure that all the colors within mesh together well.


Pump Up The Jams

This is a personal piece of advice here, but I find that one of the best ways to keep myself on track is to set my "getting ready" routine to music. Not only does it keep me in a good mood, but the rhythm and beats keep me on a peppy pace, too.


Flat Iron Efficiently

If you like to take date night as an opportunity to do something a little extra to your hair, like straightening it, you could be adding nearly half an hour to your prep time. Celebrity hair stylist Ted Gibson told Total Beauty that adding in a smoothing cream when flat ironing will let you straighten more sections of hair at a time with better results.


Organize Your Closet

This might sound counter-intuitive since getting your closet in order could probably take a long time, but this can pay off in the long run. Rather than sorting through your wardrobe, trying to find the perfect top to go with the right pair of pants, Today recommends that having an organized closet will help you find everything quickly and easily.


Accessorize Smartly

Chances are your date is going to be in the evening. So if you're already wearing a work outfit (or even something besides pajamas), you actually don't have to change much. Just because you're going out doesn't mean you have to completely start over. The stylists at Elle suggest using accessories to take your look from ordinary to extraordinary. Just adding heels, statement jewelry, or a fun jacket can instantly turn your style around.