9 Ways To Get Turned On When You're Touched Out


Moms of the world, holler back if you are so over being constantly pawed at. All those hugs, snuggles, and lap sitting can be sweet, but sometimes mommy needs her space, so she can do things like, you know, breathe. After a long day of carrying little ones and being used as a human napkin, a girl just wants to come up for air; and the last thing you're thinking about is having another person's hands all over you. But there's more to foreplay than groping hands, and many ways to get turned on when you're touched out that will get your engine revved in a matter of minutes.

When it comes to getting turned on — although the sense of touch is powerful one — you can rely on all your senses to get the job done. It turns out that smell, taste, sight, and sound aren't too shabby at kicking your sex drive into high gear. Letting your partner know that you need a break from all the touching doesn't have to be a mood killer. Just tie their hands behind their back and invite them along on a different kind of foreplay journey.

The next time you want to get in the mood, hands free, try out some of these ways to get turned on when you're touched out, and you just might find some new faves.

1Get Literary


If you have a go-to erotica book on hand, you can always grab that for a quick read. But if your shelves don't hold one of these books to get you in the mood, you don't have to look any further than your laptop. Try a site like Kara's Erotic For Women, which keeps the focus on women's pleasure and with the ladies in control.

2Turn On Your Tunes


Get into the groove with your favorite sex-inspired jams. Whip up a nasty 'lil playlist with ideas from Billboard's best songs to have sex to, a list of the top 25 songs people like listen to when they bump and grind.

3Watch Something Stimulating


Female-focused, made by and for women, sites like Erika Lust and For The Girls, have a little bit of everything for each woman. Pictures, movies, stories, and more will set your mind reeling with sexy thoughts (and maybe a new idea or two).

4Talk It Out


Talking about what you want to do to each other in bed can set the mood — fast! Not an expert at dirty talk? No worries, Cosmopolitan helps a sister out with this guide about how to talk dirty.

5Go Buff


Don't bother wrapping up in a robe once you step out of the shower. Prance around in the nude and channel your inner sex goddess who always knows she looks hot, clothes be damned.

6Smell Something Good


The sense of smell is a powerful one, and can transform your mood. Try an oil, candle, or room spray that contains sandalwood, rose, ylang ylang, jasmine, or lady sclereol, which are the top five scents for romance, according to Mind Body Green.

7Enjoy Alone Time


If all the touching and closeness is making you feel claustrophobic lately, you could benefit from some "me time." Try taking a walk or running some errands by yourself. Getting in some alone time will recharge your batteries and put you in the right frame of mind to knock those boots.

8Break A Sweat


When your sex drive feels low, try moving more. We already knew there are a buttload of reasons exercise is good for you, but now science is telling us getting that heart rate up will help pump blood to all the right places. According to Psychology Today, exercise is linked to the release of sex hormones in the body. One more reason to strap on that pair of expensive running shoes.

9Chow Down


Make a snack out of aphrodisiacs. There's sure to be something you like to eat among these common aphrodisiac foods, such as chili peppers, coffee, chocolate, and honey. Guaranteed to be the most delicious way to get in the mood.