9 Ways To Grow Closer To Your Partner

Even the best relationships can be challenging at times. You can be madly in love with your partner, but outside forces that can make things difficult for couples. Whether it's school, work, money, kids, etc., staying in tune with each other isn't always easy. But the good thing is, you don't need a pricy getaway or expensive gifts to kickstart your connection. There are so many ways to grow closer to your partner, and they're surprisingly simple.

The potential impact of a few small changes is amazing. Staying close is a huge factor in staying happy in your relationship and, as PopSugar noted, a strong relationship can lead to a happier overall life. And, as the saying kind of goes, a happy life can lead to a healthier life.

You don't have to devote a large sum of money or an intense amount of time to growing closer to your partner. Chances are, when your relationship was new and fresh you were probably following these tips on a regular basis. If life has gotten in the way since then, these nine ways to get closer to your partner might revitalize your relationship. And best of all, you can start them right now.


Kiss More

Taking the time to kiss your partner can be great for your relationship. Women's Health cited an Oxford University study which found that the more people kissed, the more likely they were to be happy in their relationship. Interestingly, the study also noted that more sex did not lead to more relationship satisfaction. Sometimes, it's the little things.


Have Deep Talks

Catching up on each other's day is great, but taking your convos to a deeper level is even better. Psychology Today noted that asking probing questions can lead to a more thorough understanding between you and your partner, which in turns leads to closeness.


Have An Adventure Together

Doing something new together can be a great way to get closer to your partner, whether it's an exotic vacation or simply a new restaurant or class. Relationship expert Mudita Rastogi told Psych Central that shared new experiences help couples grow closer.


Exercise Together

If you need a little motivation to get a good workout in, how about this: getting some exercise with your partner can bring you closer. Psychology Today outlined one study that noted couples who worked out together reported feeling happier and more in love.


Go To Bed At The Same Time

If you and your partner are running on different schedules, getting to bed at the same time might be a challenge— but you should make it a priority if you're trying to get closer, according to Psychology Today. It's a great time for cuddling up and pillow talk.


Don't Be Afraid To Fight

It may seem counterintuitive, but fighting can be good for your relationship. Marriage counselor Bonnie Weil told Men's Health that "conflict creates passion." As long as you fight in a healthy, respectful fashion, clearing the air can bring you closer together.


Laugh At Inside Jokes

Having jokes that only the two of you get is great for your relationship. Prevention reported on one study which found that couples who reminisced over funny memories were happier.


Put Away Your Phones

It's hard to connect with anyone in real life if you're glued to your phone all the time. YourTango suggested banishing your phone from the bedroom to make it easier to focus on your partner.


Read Together

Cracking open a good book doesn't necessarily have to be a solo experience. Reading with your partner, whether you're enjoying a novel together or each tackling a different tome, is a good bonding experience according to Mic. It can give you new and interesting things to discuss, and you may also learn something new about your partner just from their choice of reading material.