9 Ways To Help Make Your Daughter More Comfortable In Her Own Skin

Raising young girls is not an easy job. Parents are constantly faced with the challenge of making sure their daughters feel comfortable in an age where the internet inundates them with images of women who are tall, thin, and usually white. And if your daughter doesn't fit society's standard of beauty, it's easy for her to feel less than beautiful. If you have a young girl, you should know the ways to help make your daughter more comfortable in her own skin.

It's important for mothers to model positive body image for their daughters, as often it is mom who sets the foundation of a young girl's self-esteem. According to Parents, 63 percent of girls say their mom is their role model.

You can help your daughter by allowing her to see you complimenting yourself, praising her on attributes that have nothing to do with her looks, and avoiding negative talk about other women. All of these things will set a foundation of positive self-esteem that will stay with your daughter as she grows up.

The pressure to maintain the ideal standard of beauty is real, but it's never too early to begin encouraging your daughter to be confident in herself. Start building healthy self-esteem now, and you will help your daughter for the rest of her life.


Go For A Swim

No matter how uncomfortable you may be feeling on the inside, don't avoid the pool. According to Real Simple, you should allow your daughter to see you rocking a bathing suit with confidence. This will teach her to be more confident in her body.


Compliment Yourself

Another great way to model body confidence is to praise yourself in front of your daughter. Rather than talking about cellulite and wrinkles, focus in on the things you like about yourself. As Real Simple suggested, you should allow your child to hear you say positive things about yourself.


Take The Focus Off Of Her Body

Is your daughter funny, good at math, or a great soccer player? Don't forget to let her know. As the Child Mind Institute points out, parents should compliment their daughters for things that aren't based on appearance, like their intelligence or athletic ability.


Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

You can help your daughter establish a healthy relationship with food by teaching her about a balanced diet. Rather than focusing on the numbers on the scale, you can help your daughter feel good about herself by encouraging her to eat healthy, according to Parenting.


Don't Put Down Other Women

Unfortunately, women can be the biggest critics of one another. As the Child Mind Institute points out, parents should be careful not to bad mouth women in front of their daughter.


Get Up And Go

As Parenting suggests, you can help build body confidence by encouraging your daughter to stay active from a young age. Find an activity that you and your daughter enjoy and use it as a chance to connect with each other and stay healthy at the same time.


Let Her Mess Up

It can be tempting to shield your daughter from disappointment, but by taking a step back and allowing her to learn from her own mistakes, you can help improve her self-esteem. As Parents pointed out, letting your daughter make mistakes is one of the best ways to boost her confidence.


Remind Her How Much You Love Her

You probably tell your daughter how beautiful she is all the time, but don't allow her think that your love is based on how she looks. Let your daughter know that your love for her is unconditional and has nothing to do with her appearance, as the Child Mind Institute suggested.


Let Her Develop Her Own Style

Don't encourage your daughter to dress the same way you do. Instead, Family Share suggested that you allow her to develop her own style that best suits her personality. You may not like her choices, but it's an important part of developing her identity.