Is Your Relationship Worth Fighting For? Here's How To Know

When you've been in a relationship for a while, it's not unusual to fantasize about what life would be like with someone else — especially when your current partner is snoring or chewing with their mouth open. But how do you know whether it's just harmless fantasy or time to throw in the towel? If you've got one foot out of the door, you need to know the ways to know your relationship isn't worth fighting for.

If there is no trust, you've completely stopped communicating, or you prefer spending time alone to being with your partner, it's likely that you are no longer getting what you need from your relationship and may want to consider calling it quits. It may be tough to walk away from someone you've grown accustomed to spending most of your time with. But in the end you'll feel better when you've removed the source of your stress and sadness.

If you're dealing with any of the issues on this list in your relationship, and your partner refuses to work with you to get things on the right track, cut your losses and walk away. There's no better time than a new year to start fresh.


Trust Is Gone

As Psychology Today mentioned, trust is an important component of any healthy relationship. If you're obsessed with checking your partner's texts and questioning their whereabouts, your relationship is sitting on a pretty shaky foundation.


There Is Abuse

Abuse of any kind is never OK, and you should never accept any attempts by your partner to justify abusive behavior. As relationship expert, Dr. Jenn Mann told Elite Daily, any relationship with physical or emotional abuse isn't worth saving.


You've Stopped Talking

If you spend more time being silent around your partner or shut down whenever they try to talk through a problem, there's little hope that you'll be able to fix things. As SheKnows mentioned, if neither of you wants to talk about your issues, you've probably already given up on making things work.


You Are Stressed

Being with your partner should be a source of happiness, not the source of your migraine headaches. As The Huffington Post mentioned, if your relationship is the cause of your stress, you should consider leaving.


You Can't Compromise

Being in a relationship often means having to sit through awful movies, trying weird new restaurants, and even admitting you were wrong. But as SheKnows mentioned, if one of you is set in their ways, there isn't much hope to save your relationship.


You're Happier Alone

If you find yourself inventing reasons to go to the store or work late just to avoid your partner, your relationship may be on the brink of collapse. As The Huffington Post mentioned, if you'd rather be alone than with your partner, your relationship isn't worth saving.


You Pick Fights

If you find yourself making up reasons to start a fight, you've probably already given up on your relationship. As Cosmopolitan UK pointed out, picking fights with your partner is a sign that you've checked out. You may actually be looking for your partner to be the bad guy and end things before you do.


The Flame Has Been Extinguished

Although things may not be as hot and heavy as they were in the beginning, you should still feel a little spark for your other half. According to Psychology Today, some degree of physical attraction should be a part of any healthy romantic relationship.


Your Heart's Just Not In It

Let's face it, it takes work to keep a relationship strong. But if you feel like you're just going through the motions, you may want to reevaluate the situation. As Psychology Today mentioned, if one person is determined to end it, there's not much the other person can do to keep the relationship alive.