9 Ways To Make A Kid's Kentucky Derby Hat

If you're like me, you might only be somewhat vaguely aware that there is a horse racing event called the Kentucky Derby and that people can get really fired up about it. Just this week, actually, I found out that there is a whole other side to the race involving hats. And I'm not just talking about your average, run-of-the-mill hats either. People go all out with some extravagant and ornate creations. If you want to get in on all the action, you can incorporate the whole family, too, with fun ways to make a kid's Kentucky Derby hat.

Surprisingly, it's not as difficult as you might think, either. Although some of the more ambitious attendees of the race at Churchill Downs will have you questioning life after seeing some of the craziest Kentucky Derby hats, rest assured that your and your kid's don't have to be that complicated or costly.

Times like these, it's hard to imagine where the world would be without the vast wealth of information that is easily accessible via the internet. Thank whatever higher power you believe in, because YouTube has saved the day once again by offering up some of the best tutorials for how to make a Kentucky Derby hat for you child.


Foam Flower Hat

To keep things super simple, the folks at Expert Village have created this tutorial which can be customized in any number of ways. You can add feathers, gemstones, and more to your child's flower hat so they can really feel unique.


Summer Hat

All you need for this one is a basic straw sun hat and whatever adornments your little one's heart desires. With the aid of some super glue and a little imagination you can make a showstopping summer hat just in time for the Kentucky Derby.


Floral Crown

Not looking to make an entire hat? No problem. You can keep things simple and sweet with this adorable floral crown. Again, you can customize this and just use this tutorial as a guide.


Vintage Lace Bonnet

If your child is only an infant, they can still rock the Kentucky Derby in style with this absolutely precious vintage lace bonnet tutorial from Amanda Stock. Bonus? You can do it in under five minutes.


Mini Top Hat

A great way to kid-ify any project is to make it mini. That's why this DIY mini top hat is a perfect way for you kid to add a little sophisticated swagger to their style.


DIY Bonnet

Again, Easter and the Kentucky Derby are virtually interchangeable when it comes to fancy hats. Just swap out eggs for flowers or any accessory of your choosing and you're all set.


Mini Pillbox Hat

While this pillbox hat may be mini on an adult, it'll work perfectly for you little one. Super easy to make with whatever scrap fabric you have on hand, this classic look will garner plenty of photo ops.


DIY Fascinator

The great thing about hair fascinators is that, since they are more like a headband than a hat, they fit on children, too. From feathers and flowers to buttons and bows, you can make a multitude of fascinators for the Kentucky Derby.


DIY Hair Ornament

Getting ornamental is a key part of dressing up for the Kentucky Derby, so this DIY hair ornament is perfect for the occasion. I especially love the veil detail on this one.