9 Ways To Make Your Partner Last Longer During Sex

Even if you're the queen of the quickie, sometimes it's nice to make the experience last as long as possible. When you have the time and the energy, few things in life are more pleasant than a long, leisurely lovemaking session. Sometimes, however, your SO needs a little help to go along for the ride. But you don't have to wrack your brain for ways to make your partner last longer in bed. The answer may be more simple than you realize.

Now, for some people genuinely need medical help to last longer, nothing short of a doctor's visit is going to be very helpful. But for many people, a little change of routine may be all that's needed. Sometimes picking a new position, or even just slowing down the pace, can make all the difference. And seriously: lasting longer doesn't have to be boring or difficult. No one is going to ask your partner to think about baseball all night.

In general, most of these tips can be implemented right away without any extra trouble. (OK, so for some people a numbing condom can be a huge help). But in most cases, the secret to longer sex could just be a matter of timing or communication.


Change Up Positions

If things have become a bit routine in the bedroom, then a change of pace may help the cause. According to Cosmopolitan, having sex that's in a position that's unusual, or even a bit awkward, may encourage your SO to last longer. At the very least, you'll both get to try something new.


Enjoy Every Stage

Stop thinking of orgasm as the end goal. Encouraging your partner to go slow and savor every step may help the entire experience last longer, according to Everyday Health. After all, why would you want to rush it?


Speak Up

Does your partner know you'd like your lovemaking sessions to last longer? Take a note from Thought Catalogue and make sure you're communicating what you want in bed. It may be all you need to get your needs met.


Numb It Up

OK, so this may not be for everyone. But as noted in Men's Health, using a desensitizing condom could help sex last longer by hampering the sensations. For many couples, a little numbing agent may be the secret.


Kiss Forever

It's time to party like you're back in high school. Kissing and making out for as long as you can stand it may help your last longer when you do get down to business, according to Your Tango. When was the last time you just kissed for hours on end?


Get It On More Often

This is a win-win situation. According to Health, having sex more often could help your partner last longer, because it boosts his tolerance for stimulation. Hey, practice makes perfect, right?


Practice Those Kegels

Kegels aren't just for women. As explained in Glamour, if a guy does Kegel exercises, then he may be able to ward off premature ejaculation. Hey, these private exercises are great for everybody.


Slow Down

Save those speed workouts for the gym. Going slow may help a guy last longer, as explained in Healthy Women. It's often more fun for you as well.



Sometimes, a man may benefit from a little warm-up before the main event. As noted in Women's Health, having a masturbation session a few hours before you plan to have sex may help your partner last longer. Sure, it isn't spontaneous, but it can be helpful when you know your evening will get romantic.