9 Ways To Naturally Dye Easter Eggs

Easter is right around the corner, and with that comes a long list of holiday traditions. If you have kids in the family (or are just a fan of arts and crafts), that may mean heading to the grocery store to grab a few dozen eggs and those tiny packs of egg dye. But why not try something different this year? Instead of each egg coming out the same three colors from the traditional egg dying kits, there are plenty of ways to naturally dye Easter eggs with simple and eco-friendly recipes you make at home.

By embracing these eco-friendly tricks, you'll be able to make each batch of eggs a different color of the rainbow. Not to mention you probably have most of the ingredients in your house, which can save you some money. Who doesn't love that?

But the dying ingredients aren't the only thing that will affect the shade of your egg's shell. If you want your eggs to have a dark, rich color, then you should use brown eggs. If you want them to be more vibrant and jewel-toned, then opt for ones with white shells.

So grab those eggs — gently, of course — and get ready to create some colorful Easter eggs... the natural way.



Despite their purple complexion, Babble notes that you can use beets to naturally dye eggs pink.



If you have leftover spinach from a salad from lunch, Home Talk notes that those leafy greens are the perfect way to dye eggs green.



To make beautiful blue eggs, lifestyle blogger Kaley Ann noted that purple cabbage is a great natural method.



Another tip from Kaley Ann: a strong cup of coffee won't go to waste if you use it to dye eggs brown.


Red Onion Skins

Looking for a shade of red for your eggs? The Make Your Own Zone notes that you'll need to use red onion skins to dye your eggs.



According to DIY guru Martha Stewart, mashing blueberries with salt and vinegar will turn your eggs the perfect shade of light blue


Yellow Onion Skins

Another tip from Miss Stewart: use yellow onion skins to dye your eggs a lovely light yellow


Grape Juice

Blogger MammaBee suggests you soak your eggs in grape juice for deep purple eggs.