9 Ways To Attract More People, According To Science

When it comes to dating, I'll be the first person to admit how much I hate it. To me, the thought of finding the "right person" is such a task that it deters me from actually doing it. I know that you have to essentially put yourself out there to find someone, but when I do, I still feel like I'm not drawing any attention. (Or, at least, not the right kind.) My friends on the other hand, tell me that there are ways to use science to attract more people, and I should give them a try before I give up on dating altogether.

I'm not really into doing research on how to date, because I feel like things should just happen. Chemistry is organic, and relationships can't be forced by using some formula. Although my feelings on this have not changed, after my friends gave me a few pointers, I can say that scientific methods can have an impact on your dating life. Simple things like being positive and wearing certain colors can all improve how you date in the blink of an eye.

So, if you need a few pointers on how to spruce things up, these nine science-backed tips could help.


Smile More

The Date Report noted that using the Duchenne smile will help you attract more people. This type of smile appears genuine and creates "crow's feet" wrinkles around your eyes.


Create Good Conversation

According to Maxim, ditching the pickup lines and creating good conversation is a way to get more people into you. By doing this, it makes you seem more relaxed and confident.


Be Positive

Professional life coach Gayle Johns tells Romper that being positive is a great way to attract more people, too. By doing this, it shows potential love interests that you can see the best in even the most unfortunate situations.


Don't Go Out In Large Groups

According to Forbes, going out solo or in small groups attracts more people that rolling with a deep crew. For women specifically, traveling in groups of five or more tends to be intimidating, so the article suggested traveling in groups of three.


Wear More Red

The aforementioned Maxim article noted that wearing the color red has been known to attract more people. According to the article, red is a color of love, sex, and desire, and indicates dominance. Not to mention, it's bright and sure to catch some eyes.


Mimic Their Mannerisms

Ask Men noted that mimicking someone is actually a compliment because people are attracted to this type of behavior. According to the article, you mimic people that you find attractive. So if you drink when your date drinks or fold your leg when they fold theirs, you are displaying interest.


Incorporate The Right Touch

According to the aforementioned pieces from The Date Report, incorporating the right kinds of touch can help you attract the right people. Instead of delivering friendly touches (shoulder pushes/taps, handshakes), you should be delivering a mix between plausible deniability touches (touches on the shoulder, waist, or forearm) and nuclear touches (face touch).


Give Thought To Your Scent

The aforementioned Maxim piece also noted that paying attention to your scent is important when it comes to attraction. Being around someone that smells good makes increases the attraction, so be sure to wear fresh clothes and spray on a little perfume.


Seek People Of Your Level

Johns also tells Romper that seeking people that are on the same level as you is a good way to attract more interest, too. "People are inherently attracted to like-minded people," she says. "We all have a tendency to want to be around people who share the same values and morals. You will find that more and more people will be attracted to you and your energy."