9 Ways You Might Be Hurting Your Lady Parts In The Shower

by Lindsay E. Mack

Shower time is sacred. You can rinse off the day's worries and surround yourself with great-smelling suds. There are, however, a few special precautions you may want to take when it comes to cleaning your private area. The ways you might be hurting your lady parts in the shower are a bit surprising, but easy enough to change. After all, if there's one part of your body that deserves pampering, it's your vagina.

Whether you're lathering up with heavily scented soap or using a loofah that's been hanging around your shower for way too long, there are loads of ways to irritate your most delicate area. You mean well, of course, but your vaginal area is pretty much self-cleaning. In most cases, it doesn't need a whole lot of extra care.

And even if you are making some of these vaginal care mistakes, don't worry. There's a ton of misinformation about vagina care floating around, so it's understandable if you picked up some unnecessary habits along the way. After all, it may be difficult to believe that your vagina doesn't really need much cleaning at all when there are dozens of products available to help it smell better. (Hint: it probably smells fine already). To learn what cleaning habits you may want to change, read on.


You're Using Too Much Soap

Sure, you want everything to get clean down there. But as far as soap is concerned, there might be too much of a good thing. As noted in Women's Health, even gentle soap may irritate your labia, so in this case less is more. A small lather is probably plenty.


You're Shaving With A Grody Razor

If shaving is your preferred method of hair removal, then you likely keep your razor on hand in the shower. But according to Prevention, a razor stored in the shower can grow bacteria in the damp environment, which could lead to an infection if you cut yourself. So storing your razor in a place where it can totally dry out is a smart move.


You're Shaving With A Dull Razor

I get it — it's easy to use the same blade for several shaves, especially with razor prices rising daily. But in doing so, you may be putting yourself at risk for more cuts. Bustle noted that using a fresh blade every five to eight shaves or investing in a blade sharpener can save your skin. Because if there's one place you don't want any nicks, it's your lady parts.

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You're Using Old Loofahs

Sure, loofahs and other scrubby puffs feel great against your skin. But using the same loofah that's been hanging around your shower for months can expose your nether regions to mold and fungus, as noted in the Huffington Post. Yikes. Opting for a washcloth, and replacing it frequently, can help ensure your cleaning tools are also clean.


You're Using Scented Body Washes

Using a body wash that smells exactly like a batch of cookies is pretty luxurious, but it's best kept away from your vagina. Perfumed soaps and shower gels may irritate your vaginal area, as noted by the National Health Service. Gentler, scent-free soaps are a smart choice.

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You're Cleaning The Inside

You don't need to wash inside your vagina with soap — at all. In fact, the vagina is pretty much self-cleaning, as noted by Metro UK. Cleansing the outside parts with mild soap is more than sufficient.


You're Masturbating With The Showerhead

In most cases, the vibrating shower head can be a great addition to your self-love routine, provided you keep it focused on the outside parts. As noted by Columbia University, spraying water inside your vagina may rinse off beneficial bacteria and increase your potential for infection. But using it on your external genital area is likely A-OK.


You're Skipping Shaving Cream

Sure, it's quicker to just use soap, but shaving cream can make all the difference in the world. According to Glamour, using fragrance-free shaving cream can help you get a closer shave and avoid razor burn. Plus, it just feels nicer when you're dragging a razor over your most delicate areas.

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You're Not Drying Off After Showering

Sure, everyone has to rush through a shower sometimes. But it's important to make sure your lady bits are nice and dry before putting on clothes, as noted in Cosmopolitan, because moisture down there could lead to chafing or even yeast infections. Letting it all air out is a good policy.