9 Ways You & Your Kid Benefit From Take Your Child To Work Day

Once a year kids get the chance to see what mom and dad do all day at that mysterious "office" they talk about so often, thanks to Take Your Child To Work Day. Every April, offices around the country open their doors to the next generation of workers. And if your company is one that welcomes this day, you don't miss the chance to share this experience with your child. Because tt's more than just another day at the office.The ways you and your kid benefit from Take Your Child To Work Day will stick with both of you long into the future.

The importance of exposing our children to a work environment can help to set them up for success in the future. According to the Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation, "Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work encourages girls and boys across the country to dream without gender limitations and to think imaginatively about their family, work and community lives." Taking your kid to work with you for one day a year, will be more beneficial than all the talking you can do on the subject. Being immersed in work atmosphere will make a lasting impression because they were able to witness it first hand.

Dive into this opportunity to show your child what you do for a living, and enjoy these nine benefits that come with taking your child to work for a day.


It Teaches Them Why Education Matters

You can preach about why it's important to do well in school, but once your child has the chance to see what they education gets them, the lightbulb will come on. When a child has an aspiration for a certain career, understanding the steps it takes to get there are crucial to reaching that goal, according to Forbes magazine.


It Shows Them That Perseverance Pays Off

Children love to hear stories about their parents, and sharing how hard you work will only inspire them to work hard themselves. Being open about the hard times and well as the successes, show your child ways you persevered and helps them understand that you can still reach your goals even if you stumble some along the way.


It Inspires Leaders

Kids are always watching and listening, even when we don't realize it. As Entrepreneur pointed out, bringing your child to work encourages leadership, because it reminds you how to lead by example. This, in turn, will begin to foster leadership skills in your child.


It Exposes Another Side Of You

Kids are so used to putting their parents into one box, that it can be difficult for them to see you in another light. Bringing your child to work shows them a different side of you — the work side — and helps them understand the many roles adults have, according to Inc magazine.


It Helps You Bond

When a child is immersed in a part of your life that seemed abstract before, the experience can bring you closer together. That one day can spark questions and conversations you may never have had the opportunity to share, had you not taken your kid to work with you.


It Shows The Work-Life Balance

The concept of work-life balance can get a little skewed, because there really is no way to feel like both those things ever really balance each other out. However, it does take a planning and skill to do both and do them well. As the Bring Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation pointed out, bringing kids to the office shows them how parents need to balance both home life and work life.


It Creates Respect

When your kid sees you in action, it will give them a new level of respect for you. Once they understand that you have demands and deadlines to meet, your child will see you through a new lens.


It Encourages An Altruist Spirit

In a transcript from the website of The White House, First Lady Michelle Obama talks to a group of children for Take Your Child To Work Day (all of their parents work at the White House). Among the many poignant points she makes, she reminds the kids that one of the reasons parents work so hard, is to make a good life for their children. It helps kids understand that everyone can have an impact on the world by doing good work. Not only can it help your family, but your community and country as well.


It Offers A Chance For Immersion Learning

Hands on, immersion experiences are one the best teaching tools possible. According to Unicef, "children learn best from experience," and taking part in a work environment allows them to use all their sense to learn.