9 Ways Your Baby Is Trying To Tell You They're Ready To Walk

Part of the fun of being a parent is watching your child go from a helpless little being to someone who is asking you for the keys to the car. In the beginning, they rely on you to get them from place to place. But as they start to crawl, they begin to explore their surroundings and show the first signs of independence. And as the first birthday approaches, you may be anxiously wondering when they'll start moving around without your help. If you think you've got a little one on the verge of taking their first steps, you'll probably want to know the ways your baby is trying to tell you they're ready to walk.

According to Dr. Sears, babies generally begin walking around age one. But as with everything else, it totally depends on the child. Your baby could start moving around on two feet anywhere between nine and 16 months, depending on how long it takes them to master the balance, strength, and coordination required to walk.

You'll start to see signs that your baby is ready to walk when he starts pulling up on furniture, climbing up stairs, and cruising around the perimeter of your coffee table. And before you know it, your little daredevil will be doing his best Usain Bolt impression.

Although your baby's first steps will be something the entire family will want to celebrate, you definitely don't want to rush things. Because when he starts walking, neither one of you will ever sit down again. Here are a few ways your baby is trying to tell you that they're ready to take things step by step — literally.


They Are Fussy

Whether they're frustrated by all of the failed attempts or they're tired from the lower body workout, learning to walk can leave some babies in a bad mood. When your baby is fussier than normal, it's a good indicator that something major is about to happen, as mentioned on The Bump.


They Are Climbing Stairs With Hands

Once a baby realizes they're mobile, nothing is off limits. Your baby will be ready to explore inch of your house. When baby starts making his way up a flight of stairs, you can almost bet that walking is next, according to Parenting.


They're Pulling Up

As your baby prepares for life on two feet, they will make lots of attempts at standing. They'll show a readiness to walk by pulling themselves up to stand on furniture, as mentioned on Kid's Spot. Until they're strong enough to pull up on their own, they'll use any stationary object to help.


They Are Cruising

Once a baby has mastered pulling up, they will start testing out their sea legs with a little help from your furniture. As soon as they start cruising around the room, walking is almost always next, according to Parents.


They Can Balance On One Foot

Balance is a big part of learning to walk. Babies on the verge of walking will begin to shift their weight from side to side and balance on one leg, as noted in Parents.


They Are Rolling Around

According to Parenting, rolling around is sign of walking readiness, because your baby is bored with simply crawling around on all fours.


They're Bending Their Knees

As Baby Center mentioned, when you begin to see your baby bending his knees and squatting down from standing, they are getting ready to take off.


They Are Scooting

Your baby may be frustrated with crawling and want to figure out a faster way to get around. Scooting across the floor on their butt is one of the ways they're trying to tell you he's looking for a new mode of transportation, as mentioned in Parenting.


They Are Walking With A Push Toy

Once baby has mastered the mechanics of walking, all they is a little confidence to take things to the next step. If your little one is walking successfully with a push toy, it's only a matter of time before they start walking on their own, as mentioned on North Shore Pediatric Therapy's blog.