9 Signs Your Baby Is About To Get Sick

Sometimes it's great to be a baby. You have all your meals prepared for you, someone to feed you, and someone to clean you up when you're done. And other times it's more challenging to be a baby, like when you don't feel good and don't have the ability to talk and tell your parents that you need some asprin STAT. But when a virus or cold strikes, there are ways your baby is trying to tell your they're getting sick without saying a word at all. In this case, their body does most of the talking.

Aside from major red flags like fever and vomiting, other symptoms that a cold is on its way may be more subtle. Some illnesses may start off slow before morphing into a full blown cold. But if you pick up on the signs your baby is coming down with something, you'll be one step ahead of the germs. Although your baby may appear to feel good, as the sickness starts to set in their body may start to shut down before their chipper mood. So if you notice any of these nine signs your baby is getting sick, be prepared for a cold to follow soon.


Their Mucus Changes Colos

Teething and allergies are both common causes of runny noses for babies, but look for changes in the mucus if you think they may be getting a cold. If that nose goop starts to thicken or turn green or yellow, your baby is letting you know she's getting sick, as Baby Center pointed out.


They Aren't Sleeping Well

Have you noticed your little one is not snoozing like she normally does? It could be related to an illness. According to Today's Parent, a baby's sleep may be disturbed when getting a cold due to the extra mucus in the nasal passage which makes it harder for baby to breathe.


They Snub The Sippy Cup

Turning down a drink here and there is one thing, but don't take it lightly if your baby is straight up snubbing your attempts at hydrating them. Not drinking or refusing to drink is a sign that your baby is sick, as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention explained.


Their Appetite Changes

Both my boys have always been big eaters, so when they pass on a meal, I know it's time to start pumping them full of vitamin C. As Mayo Clinic pointed out, passing on a feeding is a sign your little one is sick. This also goes for eating poorly or anything that's not typical for your baby when it comes to chowing down.


They Cry A Lot

When a bambino is feeling the yuck from a cold, they might put their pipes to work to get the message across that they feel like crud. Painful things such as ear infections, may cause babies to cry excessively, as Parents magazine explained.


They Have Red Eyes

If you have a hunch the change in your child's eyes isn't due to pollen or pet dander, you may be right. According to the website for Health Day, redness around the eyes is a sign your baby is coming down with a cold.


They Have Low Energy

Most little ones have the stamina of Olympic athletes, an enviable amount of get up and go. But a dip in that hustle is a symptom parents should act on. As Today's Parent explained, lack or energy or having less energy than normal is common for baby's with a cold.


Their Diapers Aren't As Wet

Has your baby been dry the last few diaper changes? It may be times to call the doctor. As the Center for Disease Control and Prevention explained, a decreased number of wet diapers is a serious symptom of illness in a baby.


They Are Fussy For No Reason

Sure, babies tend to fuss over many things, so noticing this symptom may be a little more difficult. However, when a baby is unusually fussy — and displaying other signs — it's a pretty safe bet that your little one is getting sick, according to Parents.