9 Ways Your Parents Punished You In The '90s That You'd Never Use Today

As a child, the worst thing that could have happened to me was to be punished. Back in the '90s, I loved everything about television, being outside, and hanging out with my friends at the local community center. And my mom, fully aware of how much I loved these activities, very strategically chose how and when to punish me. Although there are plenty of tactics parents still use today, there are so many ways your parents punished you in the '90s that would never be used today.

In all honesty, I used to think that the way my mom punished me as a child was extreme. But when I look back on how those punishments positively affected me, I can't be upset. (Then again, I see the way she "punishes" my niece, and my mind quickly thinks "why weren't you this nice to me when I got in trouble back then?") Regardless of how chill those punishments seem to me now, there are still a few things I wouldn't use as a means of punishment for my child today. Partially because some things are null and void and also because well, they were simply just nonsense.

Whether you've upgraded your means of discipline since the '90s or if you're still using a few of those tactics, these seven flashback punishments will remind you why the '90s totally ruled all around.


Put A Lock On The Television Plug

When I was a kid, my mom put a lock on the power cord attached to the television in my room on the night that the new season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered. These days, kids are better than parents at technology, so it would never actually work.


Ban Them From Going Outside

Deprive your kids of sunshine and fresh air? With kids using technology more and more these days, parents would be crazy to keep their kids inside.


Keep Them Home From School

Your kid would miss way to much today if you left them from home. Also, you know they'd have way more fun at home with the wi-fi and cable.


Spank Them

Recent research has found that spanking can affect kids' brain development and leave some emotional scars, according to CNN. Use this type of punishment today, and you may have to talk to an officer.


Send Them To Bed Without Dinner

Though my mom never did this to my siblings and I in the '90s, I remember a boy in my fourth grade class telling me he got in trouble so his mom sent him to bed without dinner the night before. I couldn't believe what he was telling me! No food as punishment? What is life?


Put Your Beanie Babies Out Of Reach

How were you supposed to play with (or rather, track the value) of your Beanie Babies when mom moved them to the top shelf? Of course, Beanie Babies mean nothing to kids these days.


Ban You From Watching Your Favorite Show That Night

Thanks to DVR, kids can watch these show the next night (or first thing in the morning.)


Make You Come Home Right After School

Kids today are involved in too many extra curricular activities that having to come home right away could harm their transcript.


Take Away The Internet

Come on, Even parents these days can't live without the Internet.

Additional reporting by Leah Rocketto