9 Ways Your Toddler Is Trying To Tell You They're Ready To Potty Train

by Olivia Youngs

It probably seems like just yesterday that you were holding a tiny baby in size one diapers. But just when you've mastered the art of "diaper-ing," your kiddo is ready to move on to bigger and better things; namely, potty training. Luckily for you, there are lots of ways your toddler is trying to tell you they're ready to potty train, making it easy to get the show on the road.

Although it's a phase most parents dread, I can speak from experience and say that having a potty trained kid is a whole new level of awesome. Less diapers mean one less thing for you do to, and one more thing for your child to add to their growing list of accomplishments. Yes, it can be stressful, and yes, you'll have the occasional accident, but potty training is a huge step for your little one.

However, waiting until your child is ready to potty train is key, according to Parents. Every kid is different and will want to potty train at different times, and that's totally ok. Forcing it never works. But listening and watching for these signs to pop up is your signal to start picking out the "big kid underwear" and over-exaggerating your enthusiasm about all things poop related.


They Don't Have As Many Wet Diapers

According to What To Expect, one of the first signs of potty training readiness is the ability to control their bladder. When your child was still a baby, their diapers were wet so often that even leaving a diaper off for any length of time was a dangerous move. But now, they may go up to a few hours without wetting their diaper. This means they've developed the physical and cognitive ability to "hold it," for lack of a better term.


Their Bowel Movements Are More Predictable

Similarly, while they may not be able to "hold it" quite yet, their bowel movement will at least be predictable, according to Baby Center.


They Want To Be Changed Right Away

At a certain point, most children completely despise having a dirty diaper (and do you blame them?) This is a sure sign that they're ready to start pooping elsewhere.


They Have To Follow You In The Bathroom

Aliaksei Lasevich/Fotolia

Your kid likely believes everything you do is amazing, including going to the bathroom. Them taking a particular interest in following you in every time is a sign that they're connecting the dots.


They Know The Lingo

Once they've made the mental connection and are able to verbalize words like "poop" and "pee," the chances that they're ready to use the potty are much higher, according to Parents.


They Wake Up Dry


It might not be all night at first (in fact, my almost 3-year-old who has been potty trained for months rarely does), but if your child wakes up dry from most of their naps and maybe, if you're really lucky, at nighttime too, they're definitely ready.


They're Pros At Taking Their Clothes Off

Most kids love being naked, so once they figure out how to take their clothes and diapers off, it's a loosing battle for keeping them clothed. Luckily, this is a great sign that they're ready to potty train, since getting dressed on their own is an essential step in the process.


They Know When They're Doing The Deed


The Pull-Ups website says a key sign of readiness is when your child tells you when they're actually peeing or pooping. They might even rush to the potty on their own.


They Love To Do Everything Themselves

The independence phase of a toddler's life is a tricky one for parents to navigate, but it generally works in your favor when it comes to potty training. Giving them a little bit of "freedom" and praising them when they do it on their own will be a huge motivator to keep them going.