9 Weird Signs You Aren't Eating Enough Sugar

Sugar's reputation regularly fluctuates between not totally bad for you and literally the worst thing to eat. All of that back and forth makes determining how much of it you really should (or shouldn't) eat a little tricky. Eating too much sugar can lead to a whole host of potential health problems, but eating too little can be problematic, as well. Cutting back too much could lead to some weird signs you aren't getting enough sugar in your diet.

Ingesting too little sugar can result in, perhaps unsurprisingly, low blood sugar. A once-in-a-while low blood sugar experience probably isn't anything to worry about (unless it dips too low and your symptoms are severe — then seek emergency treatment). But according to WebMD, if you experience low blood sugar more than once in one week, you should call your doctor. Although you may think low blood sugar (the severe, ongoing condition is called hypoglycemia) only happens to people who have diabetes, Medline Plus noted that you can still experience low blood sugar, even if you don't have diabetes. Additionally, if you're not getting enough sugar in your diet, it may be because you've drastically cut your carbohydrate intake. Carbs break down into sugars, which, according to Harvard University's T.H. Chan School of Public Health's website, then enter the bloodstream. So not eating enough of them may cause you to feel the effects of low blood sugar overall.

If you're experiencing any of the nine symptoms mentioned here, keep track of them and try to stay ahead of them in the future. If need be, have a chat with your doctor to figure out what's up. Low blood sugar can be dangerous if it's really severe (or ongoing), but knowing the signs can help you address anything potentially problematic before it balloons into something major.


You're Dizzy

Dizziness is common sign of low blood sugar, according to Everyday Health. If you're feeling dizzy, make sure you sit or lie down and eat something so that if you won't hurt yourself falling if you faint.


You're Shaky

Have you ever had less to eat than normal over the course of a day and started to feel a bit shaky? According to the Kid's Health, the shaking you're experiencing due to low blood sugar is a sign that your body recently released adrenaline to try and remedy the lack of glucose available in your bloodstream. Adrenaline speeds up the process, which is why it's a way your body responds when your blood sugar dips.


You're Anxious

Ah, anxiety. There are a myriad of physical and environmental factors that may play into your heightened anxiety, but according to a different article from Everyday Health, low blood sugar may be to blame for your anxiety. In that case, addressing that imbalance can help alleviate your anxious feelings.


You're Confused

When your body isn't getting enough sugar, your mind can get a little bit foggy, since your brain relies on glucose to function properly, according to Healthline. Confusion can make it difficult to get through your day and do all that you need to do.


You're Hungry

This one seems, perhaps, a bit obvious, but according to the same Healthline article mentioned previously, if you're feeling ravenous, it may be because your blood sugar is low.


You Have A Headache

Anyone else get hunger headaches? If your body isn't getting enough sugar, you might find yourself coming down with a headache, according to the aforementioned WebMD article. Although occasional headaches probably aren't anything to worry about, when coupled with other symptoms, your body may be telling you that you aren't getting enough sugar from carbs (or food in general).


You're Moody

Feeling more irritable or crankier than usual? According to the aforementioned Kid's Health article, mood swings and irritability can be a sign of low blood sugar.


Your Vision Is Blurred

As anyone who has experienced it knows, blurry vision can be a scary thing when it happens out of nowhere. According to one of the previously-mentioned articles from Everyday Health, blurry or double vision can be a clue that your blood sugar's low.


You're Sweaty

Feeling clammy or sweaty and can't figure out why? It may be because your blood sugar dipped. According to a WebMD article about low blood sugar in people who don't have diabetes, sweating may be a sign of mild hypoglycemia. Again, it may just be a sign that you need a bit more sugar in your life (but not too much). If it's a nagging problem however, talking to a healthcare provider can help make sure that everything's OK.