9 Weird Things All Co-Sleeping Moms Deal With

After you and your baby have settled into your co-sleeping routine, you may start to notice some odd things happening. I'm not talking Stranger Things-level peculiar, just some slight oddities that makes your wonder if you're the only one experiencing these events. But rest assured there are weird things about co-sleeping all moms go through at one point or another. So don't be alarmed if you start to believe you're developing psychic abilities and can predict your babies nighttime moves, it just comes with the (sometimes weird) territory of co-sleeping with your little.

While you and your bambino snooze, there's more going on than dreaming of tropical islands and drooling on pillows. Not only are you forming a special bond in these wee hours, you're discovering new joys you didn't know were possible from simply having your baby sleep nearby. Each night can feel like its own fairytale; settling into your den as a mama bear comforting her cub, not knowing how much sleep you will be granted. And surprises do pop up. But underneath these nine weird things that co-sleeping moms experience is a wonderful sense of closeness with your child and the making of tender memories, together.


You Love Breastfeeding Even More

Thought you were enjoying breastfeeding to the max? Well, co-sleeping just kicked things up a notch. Having your baby near your bed makes breastfeeding easier, according to The Natural Child Project. Which means less stress and more reasons to love nursing your baby.


You Start Twinning With Your Baby

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but when mom and baby co-sleep, some weird things can happen. According to the website for Dr. William Sears, co-sleeping pairs tend to arouse from sleep at the same times throughout the night. Even though both of the pair may not wake completely, when one stirred, the other stirred as well.


You Can Read Your Baby's Mind

Well, not exactly, but pretty close. A study published in the journal Sleep found that mothers and babies who slept near one another were more in tune to each other throughout the night. Having your baby so close by each night clues you into habits and non-verbal cues that you wouldn't know about otherwise, and helps you better understand your child.


Your Ears Become Satellite Dishes

When I was a kid I always wondered how my mom seemed to hear every damn thing I uttered. Then I became a mother and understood. It's as if my hearing went into supersonic mode — especially at night. Every tiny breath or coo my baby made seemed extra audible when we were co-sleeping.


You Feel More Relaxed

Having your baby near by at night can provide a sense of calm, and it may have something to do with the feeling that you are more able to keep your little one safe. As Parenting magazine reported, co-sleeping could be a prevention method in lowering the risk of SIDS, since cultures who have a tradition of co-sleeping also have very low cases of SIDS.


You Get More Creative With Sex

If you like to get your groove on in your bed after dark, having a baby snoozing nearby can cause you to expand your boundaries. You get creative with the places and times of day you and your partner get busy so baby can catch some Zs while you grab some Os.


You Say, "I Told You So"

When it comes to co-sleeping, haters gonna hate. But you may find that after a few weeks (and a little research) you can tell all those peeps, "told you so." As James J. McKenna, director of the Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame told the website for Fox News, babies are happier and more psychologically stable when co-sleeping. See, you knew you were right. High-five.


You Become Super Stealth

You'll do anything not to wake your sleeping baby, even if that means crawling around to the opposite side of the bed when you have to pee, then making sure not to flush or run the faucet too loudly when washing your hands. You become ninja-like in your stealth and quiet, and your baby snoozes on.


You Wonder What Your Baby Is Dreaming About

Noticing little smiles and noises from your baby while they're in dreamland can make you wonder what they could be dreaming about. Chances are, it's a sweet dream about how much they adore their mama, but you can't help but wonder.