9 Wine Hacks To Help You Get Your Buzz On Like A Pro

It's National Wine Day — which means it's the perfect time to celebrate with a nice glass (or more — I won't judge) of your favorite vino. Not that you ever need an excuse to drink wine! And although you may enjoy your wine, you may not consider yourself an expert. Fortunately, there are some great wine hacks that will make you look like you know what you're talking about, even if your idea of a nice vintage is some leftover boxed wine.

Need to serve a cold bottle of Chardonnay to last-minute guests? Don't want to pour that leftover Shiraz down the drain? Don't know your Cabs from your Zins? Well, these tips have got you covered. From opening a bottle without the help of a corkscrew to creative ideas for leftovers, the hacks on this list will save you time and a few dollars, which you can (and should) use to buy even more wine.

You will be surprised to learn how many things you can do to jazz up your wine, even if you think it's past it's prime. So celebrate this amazing wine-lovers holiday by raising your glass to these creative wine hacks and make sure you never waste a single drop of vino again.


Freeze Leftover Wine In Ice Trays

Got leftover wine? First of all, shame on you. But website suggests you freeze it in ice trays to add flavor to your cooking later.


No Corkscrew? Try A Picture Hook

If you can't find your corkscrew, you don't have to panic. Get your MacGyver on and use a picture hook, per Huffington Post's advice.


Add Fruit For Sweetness

Huffington Post also recommends turning inexpensive wine into a sweet treat by adding some sliced pineapple to your glass.


Turn A Sock Into A Bottle Protector

A sock or a pool floatie can serve as a wine carrier, according to Buzzfeed, protecting your bottle from breakage when you're on the go.


Make Dessert

Last night's leftover red wine can become tomorrow night's dessert. Try this sorbet recipe from Buzzfeed.


Use A Guide

Not a wine expert? You don't have to worry about fumbling your order in front of your more knowledgable friends. Apps like The Wine Coach can break down the different varieties in a way even a novice will understand.


Remove Stains With Ordinary Household Items

Don't let a red wine stain ruin your party. According to, milk, salt, and even shaving cream can have your carpet looking good as new in no time.


Spin The Bottle

Need to chill your wine in a hurry? Popsugar recommends giving your ice bucket a gentle spin every few minutes to move the contents around inside.


Freeze Small Portions

Another wine chilling tip from Popsugar, place individual glasses in the freezer for a few minutes, rather than the entire bottle, for faster chilling.