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The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Beach Might Be Crowded This Summer

Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor began with 30 hopeful women arriving with plans to woo him. Each week has seen that number diminish until, eventually, they were all sent home. But the search for romance doesn't have to stop here. These 9 women from Colton's season should be on Bachelor in Paradise — to get a second chance at love and entertain the audience while they're doing it.

The finale for Season 23 of The Bachelor was a two-parter that aired on ABC on Mar. 11 and 12. Just a few months later, Bachelor in Paradise should be launching its sixth season; it generally premieres sometime in August, giving the tail end of the summer a final jolt of drama. This gives contestants from the most recent seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette a chance to connect with one another and maybe make it down the aisle. Some of Colton's suitor-esses are bound to travel to Paradise with love on the brain. But who?

The cast for BiP Season 6 hasn't been announced or confirmed yet, but that doesn't mean viewers can't speculate about the possibilities. These are just a few of the women who would be welcome on the beach, but any of the eliminated ladies could end up returning for round two.


Cassie and Colton's fraught, fence-jumping breakup is one that will live in infamy. That makes her a natural choice to continue with the franchise, even if she wasn't as marriage-ready as she thought; this is the kind of narrative that could spin into seasons as fans watch Cassie try to find love after Colton. It's a tried-and-true Bachelor staple.


Host Chris Harrison thinks Demi is the perfect person to join the spinoff. As he told E! News, "If you'd ever put a tattoo of Paradise on someone, I think Demi is wearing that tattoo. She's my spirit animal and I need her in Paradise. Have you ever met anybody more perfect for Paradise?"

When asked, however, Demi wasn't so sure.


Caelynn seemed to have a genuine bond with Colton, and told him as much after hometowns. His surprising decision to eliminate her means that Caelynn is an ideal candidate for Paradise. She can heal from her heartbreak amidst the surf and sun — and after everything she's been through, fans would be delighted to watch her find happiness.

Hannah B.

Hannah B. revealed to E! News that she was interested in appearing on Paradise, which means there's a pretty good chance she'll actually make it onto the beach. She said she was open to finding her "person" wherever they are — whether it was on an idyllic, sandy beach or in a cozy coffee shop. But my money's definitely on the beach.


Sydney also informed E! News that she would be happy to give Paradise a try. She thought it would be a better fit for her than The Bachelor. She said it takes her a little longer to open up to people than The Bachelor allows, which was what made the show so difficult for her. "I know Paradise seems like a longer amount of time, so that seems like a better setting," Sydney concluded.


Onyeka was similarly open to the possibilities. Considering her skill with stirring up drama, she could be a useful addition. Plus, it doesn't hurt that she loves margaritas and the beach, per her interview with E!.


Brie faked an Australian accent just to stand out from the crowd in Colton's season. What kind of zany adventures could she bring to Paradise? French accents? Skits? Whatever it is, I'm down to find out.

Hannah G. & Tayshia

Colton's love for Cassie meant a less than happy ending for his final two. Since both Hannah G. and Tayshia were denied their fairytale moment, they should both get prime spots on Paradise to try again.

Out of all the contestants on Colton's season, there are plenty who would fit right in on Bachelor in Paradise. Whoever ends up making the cut is sure to keep fans entertained this summer.