9 Zombie Makeup Tutorials That'll Make Your Kid Look Like A Member Of 'The Walking Dead'

Most young children probably don't watch the acclaimed AMC series, The Walking Dead. But still, every Halloween, so many scary little walkers make their way around the block. Zombies are fascinating, and these creepy costumes have been popular with trick-or-treaters since way before Rick woke up from his coma. If you have a little one who wants to look extra gruesome this Halloween, all you have to do is turn to YouTube for some quick and easy zombie makeup tutorials.

With children and 'tweens taking over YouTube, there are a ton of "for kids by kids" makeup and costume tutorial videos. With your permission, and using just a few inexpensive items, your kiddos can DIY their very own zombie look. If your little one is too young to work the makeup alone, there are also easy videos parents can follow to get their kid walker-ready this holiday.

It's important to look for items marked as non-toxic and hypoallergenic whenever you will be using makeup products on a child. Keep in mind that some Halloween makeup (like the kind you buy to make fake scars) is made with latex which many people are allergic to. Most of these tutorial offer kid-friendly alternatives to latex-based products.

Take a peek at these fun and easy makeup tutorials to help zombify your kid this Halloween.


Zombie Little Girl Tutorial

The first zombie fans met in The Walking Dead was Summer The Teddy Bear Walker (did you know she had a name?) Dulce Candy teaches you how to recreate Summer's look with her zombie little girl tutorial.


Easy Zombie Makeup Tutorial For Kids By Kids

I love this easy zombie makeup tutorial for kids by all4tubekids. Your kids will keep busy and have a blast transforming themselves into totally creepy walkers this Halloween.


Kid's Zombie Makeup

RandomUsefulStuff's kid's zombie makeup tutorial teaches you how to apply zombie makeup to your little one in less than two minutes.


Zombie Kid Make-Up Tutorial

Nyla Qamelia, a 7-year-old makeup artist, transforms herself into one of the scariest walkers I've ever seen in her zombie kid makeup tutorial video.


Zombie Makeup For Halloween Tutorial

This zombie makeup tutorial for kids by BeforeAndAfterTV is less gory, and perfect for the littlest walkers in your life.


Cheap And Easy Zombie Hair And Makeup Tutorial

BlueEyedJackson is adorable, and her cheap and easy zombie hair and makeup tutorial will have your kid looking like The Walking Dead extras in no time.


Easy Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Kim Conner and her daughter Olivia have an awesome and easy zombie makeup tutorial that will teach you how to create a little walker in just five minutes using simple supplies you probably already own.


Zombie Snow White Halloween Makeup Tutorial

If your little one can't decide between a walker and a princess, follow Noodlerella's zombie Snow White makeup tutorial. You can imagine this would be what Rick and the gang would find if they ever decide to travel down to the happiest place on Earth.


Walking Dead Inspired Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Goldiestarling has a Walking Dead-inspired zombie makeup tutorial to make your kid the scariest walker outside of the Alexandria compound.