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'90s Songs You Had No Idea Were About Famous People

Finding out a song was written about a famous person is like having the juiciest piece of gossip streamed right into your ears. Sometimes the songwriters are pretty obvious, and even call out other celebrities by name. But more often than not, musical artists take caution in being more cryptic with their lyrics. Which means you have probably listened to '90s songs you had no idea were about famous people over and over and never knew who these songs were about.

Researching these songs, I was reminded of a local concert I went to a few years back. This adorable woman was on stage, introducing her next song and said, "I wrote this song about my ex-boyfriend. It's about what an a**hole he is. Which just goes to show you, you should never date a songwriter if you don't want a nasty song written about you." It seems she's not the only one, as most of the songs on this list were written about both love gained and lost with other famous people.

Before you press play on your favorite '90s playlist, take a look and see if one of these songs that were written about famous people is in your rotation — and find out the story behind the song.


'You Oughta Know' by Alanis Morissette

According to Today, the scorned woman's anthem was inspired by none other than Dave Coulier. It's hard to imagine Uncle Joey doing so wrong by any woman, but Alanis seems to think otherwise.


'I'll Stick Around' by The Foo Fighters

After Nirvana moved on from the death of Kurt Cobain, drummer Dave Grohl started The Foo Fighters and used his new band as a vehicle for the song, "I'll Stick Around," which What Culture notes is an attack on Cobain's former wife, Courtney Love.


'Candle In The Wind' by Elton John

Originally written for Marilyn Monroe, after the death of Princess Diana, The BBC notes that Elton John re-released "Candle In The Wind" with modified lyrics in 1997.


'My Favorite Mistake' by Sheryl Crow

Although she won't confirm or deny that "My Favorite Mistake" was written about Eric Clapton, the lyrics in the song lead many to believe that Crow is singing about their brief romance.


'It Ain't Over Till It's Over' by Lenny Kravitz

In hopes to reconcile his marriage, Kravitz wrote "It Ain't Over Till It's Over," for wife Lisa Bonet, according to AZ Lyrics. Unfortunately for Kravitz, it was totally over. The couple ended up getting divorced despite his best efforts.


'Girl On TV' by LFO

When LFO's Rich Corbin was dating Jennifer Love Hewitt, she straight up asked the singer to write a song about her. Even though he wrote "Girl On TV" for Hewitt, she still ended up breaking up with him afterward.


'Suicide Blonde' by INXS

While they were a couple, front man Micheal Hutchence wrote "Suicide Blonde" for Kylie Minogue. It was reported he loved the juxtaposition of his bad boy behavior and her wholesome image.