A Baby Koala Had A Photo Shoot And Here Is The Impossibly Cute Behind-The-Scenes Footage — VIDEO

If you don't know of the koala named Imogen, arguably Symbio Wildlife Park's cutest resident, then you haven't been living your best life. Imogen is being raised by the keepers at Symbio Wildlife Park, and first made headlines when she decided to hug a National Geographic cameraman. (Classic Imogen. Classic.)

Now Imogen is nearing her first birthday and, in celebration, was the star of her own photo shoot. (Look, I've seen the hundred thousand photos you took at your kid's first birthday, so I really don't want to hear your judgment.) The pictures were taken when the adorable, cute, charming (seriously guys, insert whatever synonym for cute you deem appropriate, because they all apply) baby koala was just 10 months old. Now, because the Internet is awesome, behind-the-scenes footage of Imogen's photo shoot has been released, and it is just as delightful as you'd imagine. 

Imogen will celebrate her first birthday on November 14th, but until then, here's her being all sorts of precious, because that is what this baby Koala is all about.

Just Look At Her!

Have you ever seen anything so damn adorable in your entire life? (Hint: the answer is no. No, you have not.)

Seriously, I Can't Deal. I Need Lessons In Dealing Because I Know Nothing About It.

"Oh, hi. My name is Imogen and I'm just going to scratch myself all cute-like until you literally overdose on my cuteness."

She's Cute When She Eats

No one has the right to look this adorable when they're stuffing their face. That's right, NO ONE. 

She's Cute When She's Doing Nothing

Little Imogen doesn't even have to try. Look at her, just sitting there, drenched in delightfulness.

She's Cute When She Scratches

If only my partner could look this adorable when he scratches himself...

She's Cute When She Licks A Leaf

Seriously, who can say that? Besides, you know, maybe your dog, who is cute but not that cute.

And She Has A Stuffed Animal

Eat your heart out, endless baby pictures the world over.

And Does Yoga Poses Like A Boss

You've never seen a sun salutation as cute as this.

We're In Love

And no, we don't care who knows it.

Watch The Full Video

You can watch the entire behind-the-scenes footage above, but you'll probably be heartbroken when you realize that no, you can not have an adorable baby koala as a pet.

Images: Symbio Wildlife Park/YouTube(10)