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A Breast Milk Shipping Service Now Exists And Wow, It's About Time


Milk Expressed is one of those businesses that you don't realize you need until there's a moment when yes, you definitely need it. Kristy Catsouphes, the company's founder and CEO, was working in the tech industry and had just gone back to work after having her daughter when it became clear that balancing her need to travel for work with her decision to breastfeed was going to be much more difficult that she anticipated. Realizing that shipping breast milk from point A to point B was full of more complications than she could ever imagine, she sought out to start Milk Expressed, which is a shipping service that makes it significantly easier for breastfeeding moms to send daily breast milk shipments home to their kids.

In case you're not already intrigued by Kristy's ambition, we partnered with GE Appliances to meet up with her at her home to learn more about her genius business venture. Her entrepreneurial spirit is sure to leave you feeling inspired to take on your next big idea, so check out her story below and get some great tips on how to manage your career and your household — all from the comfort of your own home.

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