A Busy Mom Test-Drives The Roborock H6 To See If It Is Truly A Cut Above Your Typical Stick Vacuum


As a forever homebody, keeping a picture-perfect house is a relentless pursuit. I find it impossible to relax if toys are misplaced or drawers are open, and my typical Sunday often involves some combination of a mindless podcast and a full closet reorganization. But deep cleaning? That’s just not my thing. Month after month, I forget that dust exists until I’m face to face with it on the floor of my baby’s playroom. The confrontation looks like this: The dreaded dust bunny enters my periphery, and I simply ignore it. Said dust demon gets bigger and more aggressive until it’s the only thing I see, and I begrudgingly lug out the vacuum to extinguish it. It’s a tedious dance, but it works for us. Or it did until COVID-19 happened.

When confined to a house for months, a patchwork cleanup plan is just not sustainable for a family of three (and a dog). A few lone dust mites quickly form armies, and a coup inevitably ensues. And with a dust allergy to boot, I knew I needed to overhaul my spruce up routine. But as a working mom without help during quarantine, my windows for housework are limited. I cram cooking, working, cleaning and personal hygiene into my baby’s nap times, and while I’m a decent multitasker, dusting never seems to fit the schedule.

Always game for a home hack, I’ve been curious about robot vacuums ever since I saw one circling my friend’s apartment. Watching her kick back on the couch while an AI maid did her dirty work was a sight I wouldn’t soon forget. The laissez-faire approach to housecleaning suited my lifestyle, but I never pulled the trigger myself. It could be because I didn’t prioritize a dust-free living space (for the aforementioned reasons), but my initial hesitation was the fear my small dog would panic in the face of a robot sweeper. (He once hid in his crate for three days after a battle with a metallic balloon). When I learned that Roborock’s handheld vacuum has all the benefits of the brand’s robot products, however, I was intrigued. Easy cleaning without the spook factor? My nasal passages felt clearer at the thought of it.

Enter Roborock

Image courtesy of Roborock.

Once the Roborock H6 arrived, I first noticed how lightweight it was. I was expecting to unpack a clunker like the ghosts of vacuums past, but even with all the accompanying attachments, the device was no wider than my convenience store broom. Even better, I could easily maneuver it with one hand, freeing up the other for my needy infant who insists he join me on all my daily adventures.

With its “Quick start guide” and bright red connectors, assembling The Roborock was a pretty painless process. The only tricky part was remembering to leave the front filter and multi-cyclone assembly out to dry for 24 hours after cleaning it. (I have a habit of inefficiently skimming manuals, so if I missed this detail, my first trial might have ended before it began. )

Witnessing The H6 In Action

Image courtesy of Roborock.

Once the Roborock was locked, loaded and fully dried, my primary target was a white rug that often moonlights as a tummy time mat and pet bed. Within minutes, the carpet brush sucked up every cheerio, dog hair and dirt speck I could eyeball. It was oddly satisfying seeing the souvenirs of my days past collect in the transparent dustbin. It was even more gratifying to witness the rug’s transformation in such a short period. I was surprised an appliance so quiet and maneuverable packed so much punch. And the effortlessness of the automatic suction made the prospect of confronting the remaining dirt piles seem like less of a chore.

As I moved on to the floors, walls and hard-to-reach spaces, I felt like a superhero bobbing, weaving and zapping messes throughout the house. Armed with a powerful roster of brush accessories, I easily clicked parts in and out of the contraption to meet each challenge. The crevice tool made leftover ingredients from the previous night’s dinner disappear while the dusting and motorized mini brushes polished the sofa and desk to a noticeable sheen. Best of all, I completed the entire exercise in less than an hour without a drop of sweat or strain in my back.

A Busy Mom’s Ode To Newfound Cleanliness

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For a busy mom with an agenda, anything that can establish household efficiency is a welcome addition. And with a growing child, a product that adds an extra load for lifting won’t survive. The Roborock H6’s small, but mighty approach is reason enough for me to pack up my other cleaning appliances, but when I noticed the product’s extended run-time, I knew it would be a game-changer. With bottle warmers, stroller fans and baby monitors, my limited outlet space makes charging cordless cleaners a mission, leaving me with dead appliances when I need them most. But with 68% battery life remaining on my Roborock, I could confidently tuck it away knowing our next meeting would be a productive one.

I don’t expect to suddenly become someone who enjoys turning my house upside down each week. I anticipate that under normal circumstances, the balance will restore, and my procrastination will continue. But I’m excited to know that whenever the dust mobs decide to return, I’ll be able to address the issue quickly with my schedule and spine muscles intact.

As a new convert to the Roborock way of life, I would strongly suggest the H6 to anyone tired of cleaning with inferior products. Pick up the Roborock H6 when it hit shelves May 18th. Buy before May 22nd, and save an additional 20% off of the already amazing price point.

So what are you waiting for? Isn't it time you upgraded your home cleaning regime?