A Candy Corn Jello Shot Recipe That Will Be The Talk Of The Haunted House

In my humble opinion, Halloween is one of the best holidays out there. It happens during the best season of all time, it comes with a slew of perks, and it's basically an excuse to relive your childhood and go crazy with the candy. Not to mention all the crafty cocktails that come along with the holiday. If you're heading to a Halloween shindig and need an impressive cocktail to pass, look no further. This candy corn jello shot recipe is it.

Rather than relying on a traditional cider, or simply adding food color to your favorite martini, why not go the extra mile and combine your favorite Halloween sugar rush with a little alcohol infused adult fun? If you're a candy corn freak (and I know there are plenty of you out there, don't be ashamed), you're going to want to roll up your sleeves and bust out your shot glasses. Because this candy corn jello shot recipe is going to speak directly to your candy corn loving soul.

Jello shots, if you're familiar, are kind of an art form. I spent many years in college attempting to perfect fancy recipes that resembled anything other than a goopy mess, so the idea of creating three perfect layers of Halloween-inspired goodness is a little bit overwhelming to me. Luckily, the ladies over at A Beautiful Mess have deciphered the art of the jello shot for you, and have a perfect (and stunning) candy corn jello shot recipe that's going to knock your socks off.

With a little bit of sugar, some flavored vodka, and the unexpected ingredient of sweetened condensed milk, this recipe not only tastes like a delicious sugar rush in a shot glass, but it looks beautiful too. Though these candy corn jello shots may need a few hours of your time and attention, they'll be completely worth it when you see the impressed look on everyone's faces as they slug back these stunners. And the best part? It's supremely easy to remove the alcohol from the recipe and create a booze-free version for your kid's costume party. So whether you're in need of a party starter for you and your boos-hound (get it?) friends, or you're in need of an adorable and clever dessert to pass out at the end of the night, these candy corn jello shots have got you covered. So break out the shot glasses, because these are going to go down on Instagram as a Halloween party legend.