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A 'Game Of Thrones' Prequel Could Happen, But These Questions Remain Unanswered

by Megan Walsh

The end is in sight with HBO's mega hit Game of Thrones, which has some fans mourning ahead of time. There are only two seasons left of the show, each with a slighter shorter episode order than the previous years, and then that's it. Game of Thrones is over. Or is it? Westeros is a rich world with a vast history and there is a lot to unpack in the world that the show was never able to get around to. A prequel series that depicted important events in Westerosi history has been rumored for many years, but now it looks like a real possibility. A Game of Thrones prequel could happen, answering questions that were left unanswered for years.

When Game of Thrones began, Westeros had already been through some pretty dark times that came back to haunt the characters again and again. Before the events of the series, Westeros had struggled through the upheaval of Robert's Rebellion, a massive war that unseated the Targaryens, who had been the ruling family in Westeros for centuries. It's a time in the series' history that fans have wondered about for years, but there's plenty of material to base a series on outside of that, too. Author George R. R. Martin has written a series of prequel novellas and also has, in his words, "thousands of pages of fake history" that could come in handy for a prequel series.

What Happened During Robert's Rebellion?

This could provide enough material for a prequel series as lengthy as the original show. Robert's Rebellion set into motion the events that led to Game of Thrones, and it was a battle for the throne as fascinating as anything fans have seen since. It would give viewers a more thorough look at the Mad King as well as what Westeros was like under Targaryen rule. It would also show how everything fell apart, leading to Robert Baratheon taking over as king of Westeros. A series about Robert's Rebellion would fill in all the gaps and gives viewers a richer understanding of Game of Thrones, too.

Who Are Jon Snow's Parents?

This follows close on the heels of the previous question, but it's still a big part of Game of Thrones that could use more exploration. Jon Snow's parentage was finally revealed in Season 6 and he was confirmed to be the child of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, but there's still a lot fans don't know. Were they in love, or was Lyanna kidnapped and held captive by Rhaegar? Lyanna disappearing with Rhaegar is what set off Robert's Rebellion in the first place and there are a lot of questions there that still remain.

Who Are Dunk And Egg?

This might not be a question you have if you're a casual fan of the series, but it's worth asking nonetheless. The Dunk and Egg stories are the series of prequel novellas written by GRRM, making them easy material to adapt for a prequel series. All the prequel work is already done! The novellas follow a knight named Ser Duncan the Tall and his squire Egg, who goes on to become King Aegon V Targaryen. Not only is the series ripe for adaptation, but it would provide an interesting look at an early ruler of Westeros.

What's Melisandre's Deal?

In Season 6, Melisandre was revealed to be a great deal older than anyone had thought. Her youth was maintained due to the magical properties of her necklace and removing it revealed her true appearance, that of a much, much older woman. Melisandre has been alive for centuries, which gives her a unique perspective that could easily be explored in a prequel series. She must have seen quite a lot in her time, providing a Melisandre series an endless amount of potential storylines to work with. If anyone would actually want to tune in for a Melisandre series.

How Were The White Walkers Created?

Fans caught a glimpse of the White Walkers' creation in Season 6, but there was a lot left out of that story. The show really only had time for the highlights, but that doesn't mean they exhausted the material. The story of how Westeros was taken from the Children of the Forest by the First Men is the earliest origin story the show could tell, and it would be an interesting one. It would be full of magic, war, and more White Walkers than you could shake a stick at, combining many of the things that Game of Thrones is famous for.

If a Game of Thrones prequel series does happen – and it seems likely considering HBO is probably loathe to say goodbye to its flagship series – then there's any number of avenues it could pursue. There are so many options that HBO could be telling stories in the Game of Thrones universe from now until the end of time, so settle in for the long haul.