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Democratic Women *Really* Think Trump Should Be Impeached

For many across America, the 2016 presidential election was a shocking rollercoaster, from the moment campaigns kicked off until the late hours on Nov. 8. After President Donald Trump was declared the next POTUS, many had their doubts. Then, though, when the reality TV star and businessman was inaugurated, one word began to permeate in everyone's minds: Impeachment. But, Trump has been in office for nearly eight months now, and no impeachment process has been started thus far, despite the fact that, according to new research, most Democratic women think Trump should be impeached.

The recent study — compiled by the Public Religion Research Institute — has found that a lot more women think Trump should be impeached than men do. In fact, according to the data, 80 percent of Democratic women think that Trump should be impeached, compared to only 60 percent of Democratic men.

But it isn't just the possible impeachment of Trump that women's views differ than those of their male counterparts. In fact, "Men are significantly more likely than women to have a favorable opinion of Trump (44 percent vs. 31 percent, respectively)," the study found. And as (un)surprising as these new findings are, there are ways to make sense of them, although they're largely engrained in sexism, unfortunately.

According to Business Insider, Kelly Dittmar, a professor at Rutgers University's Center for American Women and Politics, spoke about the stark differences between men and women's views on Trump, and to sum them up: Trump's "manly man" rhetoric actually speaks to men who are slower to reject his agenda.

"It's a complicated position for men because Trump's whole positioning of himself is within a context of male dominance," Dittmar told Business Insider, continuing:

He's putting forth this idea that the manliest people are best — they're the best to speak and they're the best to make policy, and so I think that creates the sense among some progressive men that, perhaps, we don't want to seem that way, and therefore we want to make sure that women are given as much power and voice in this movement.

Which explains why some men — even Democratic men — are slower to speak out against Trump. However, that doesn't make it any less infuriating.


In reality, the impeachment process is fairly complicated, which could be another factor in the results. For instance, for there to even be grounds for impeachment, the Constitution states that the president must have committed "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors." And while, certainly, there could be examples of Trump committing high crimes or other impeachable offenses, that isn't all there is to it.

The first real step of the impeachment process begins in the House of Representatives, where a vote is held on whether the president is guilty of at least one of the articles of impeachment. If the vote passes by majority, then the president is "impeached," however, that doesn't mean they are removed from office.

Then, the proceedings are taken to the Senate, where a trial is "overseen by the chief justice of the Supreme Court," according to The New York Times.

"A team of lawmakers from the House, known as managers, play the role of prosecutors. The president has defense lawyers, and the Senate serves as the jury," as The New York Times explained.

So, in reality, impeachment isn't simple. However, having a moral compass is, and clearly, Democratic women are ahead of the curve in that sense.