A Map Of Clown Sightings Across The US, Because They're More Common Than You Think

You guys, this creepy clowns trying to lure kids into the woods is starting to sound like an actual thing. As if parents didn't already have enough to worry about, now a bunch of weirdos (or stupid teenagers) are dressing up as scary clowns either because they're actual perverts, or these yo-yos get some sort of gratification from scaring the pee out of kids and their parents. Either way, these clowns have certainly gotten everyone's attention. Just so you know, here'a map of clown sightings across the U.S. so you can know if you need to head into your local woods to get some answers for yourself.

This whole thing started in Wasco, California, when a creepy clown began posting images of himself around town at night with his makeup smeared, looking sinister. According to The Independent, the stunt turned out to be a harmless art project for a husband and wife, but it also launched a bunch of scary copycats, many of which turned out to be teenagers who thought it was a hilarious prank to dress like creepy clowns and scare local kids.

It wasn't, and once cops threatened to start making arrests, the Wasco clown controversy died down.

But now it's back, and creepy clowns have been spotted across several states, according to The Independent, including South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And the cases have everyone on edge wondering if this is just another instance of teenagers thinking they're hilarious, or if there is a group of kidnappers out there dressed up like clowns terrorizing our neighborhoods for reals.

It turns out many of the most recent reports of creepy clowns are simply false, according to People, prompting charges to be filed against several teenagers across the Southeast. But not all of them have been directly traced to a hoax.

Becky Bracken, Google Maps

1. London, Kentucky

Claims of "suspicious clown" sightings were reported, according to WTVQ.

2. Greenville, South Carolina

There were reports of people dressed like clowns trying to "lure children into the woods," according to The Telegraph. There have been several sightings of clowns around apartment complexes in the Greenville area by kids who swear they've seen them, Fox 61 reported.

3. LaGrange, Georgia

Reports that clowns would attack three La Grange schools led to four people being charged with making "terroristic threats," according to The LaGrange News.

4. Flomaton, Alabama

A "Flomo Klown" Facebook page made threats against a local high school, which ultimately led to 22-year-old Makayla Smith being charged for making a "terroristic threat," according to Atmore News. Romper reached out to Smith for comment on the allegations against her, but she hasn't responded. Romper was able to speak with Chief Deputy Mike Lambert from the Escambia County Sheriff's office who said that the investigation against Smith is still pending and more charges could be filed in the future. He added that while it appears the incident against the school was a prank, it nonetheless "ate up a lot of valuable resources."

5. Pottsville, Pennsylvania

Clowns were reported to have yelled at and chased kids, and another boy ran screaming that there were "clowns eating something in the woods," according to WNEP.

6. Greensboro, North Carolina

There have been several individual reports of clown sightings around parks and wooded areas, according to Fox 8.

7. Annapolis, Maryland

Kids have reported seeing clowns in face paint, according to Fox Baltimore.