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A New Photo Of Prince Louis Has Been Released & Proves He's Prince George's Twin

by Casey Suglia

It's been a busy year for the United Kingdom's royal family. Throughout this year, the royal family has seen their fair share of weddings, pregnancy announcements, and births — all of which started when Prince William's wife, Kate Middleton, gave birth to their third child, Prince Louis, earlier this year. Although the newest prince tends to keep a low profile, a new photo of Prince Louis has been released and it's scary how similar he looks to his older siblings.

It has been quite a while since Prince Louis stepped out in public. Unlike his parents, who are no stranger to making official appearances (and having their photos taken), Prince Louis' schedule doesn't involve him spending as much time out in public. This makes sense since Prince Louis is only six months old — he was born on April 23, according to People. Because of his young age, he hasn't accompanied his parents to their royal engagements or weddings they've attended (even if his siblings were in the same wedding, too).

So this means that people will be super happy to see the newest photo of Prince Louis — which was shown during the new BBC One documentary about Prince Louis' grandfather, Prince Charles, titled Prince, Son and Heir: Charles At 70 — and aired on Thursday night, according to People. Although people watching the documentary as it aired might have been the first ones to see the picture, the photo has thankfully made its way onto the internet. Honestly, the wait to see Prince Louis again was worth it — the little boy could not be any cuter.

In the photo, Middleton holds 6-month-old Prince Louis in her arms while he holds hands with his grandfather (who has such a happy expression on his face). Some people might be displeased with the fact that the photo doesn't give royal watchers a good look at his face — so it's hard to tell exactly what parent he looks like or see how much he has grown.

However, this new photo is still pretty amazing — if only for the fact that it's a new photo of the little prince. Judging by his profile alone, it's easy to see that Prince Louis looks almost identical to his older brother, 5-year-old Prince George as a baby, according to Town & Country. By looking at photos of baby Prince George from 2013, you can tell that Prince Louis has the same head shape, the same amount of hair, and the same adorable chubby cheeks, that Prince George had when he was the same age. And this isn't the first time people have thought that Prince Louis could be his older brother's twin. After Prince Louis' christening in July, people could not get over how much he looked like Prince George at his own christening.

Not only is this photo a new look at the little boy, it's also the first time that people have seen him since his christening in July, according to E! News. It's been four months since then, which is such a long period of time without seeing him again. Luckily, this new glimpse at Prince Louis in the documentary will tide people over until his next royal appearance, whenever that may be.

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This new photo wasn't the only exciting thing about the Prince Charles (and his grandchildren) that was featured in the documentary. In the documentary, Prince William stated that he hopes Prince Charles spends more time with his grandchildren at home in the future, according to E! News. Prince William said:

It's something I'm working on heavily. I think he does have time for it, but I would like him to have more time with the children. Having more time with him at home would be lovely — and being able to, you know, play around with grandchildren. When he is there, he's brilliant, but we need him there as much as possible.

Based on this new photo of Prince Charles together with Prince Louis, you can tell he definitely has a way with his grandkids since he's definitely won over his youngest grandchild.