A New 'Star Trek' Series Is Coming In 2017 And Here Are 9 Things We Really Hope It Has

I was raised on Star Trek. My family was really into science-fiction, so I remember seeing many of the original Star Trek episodes in syndication on Saturday afternoons with my dad. We saw every movie as it came out in the theaters (including The Wrath of Khan, which left me permanently scarred, and wary of wet willies), and my enthusiasm has never waned. That why, when I heard about the announcement that a new Star Trek series would be premiering in 2017, I got pretty excited. It’s been a long time, fellow Trekkies. Too long.

It’s early in the game, but with the 50th anniversary of the original series approaching in 2016, you can bet that CBS All Access—the digital channel that will be streaming the show—will be giving the new series everything they’ve got. And the plan is to introduce new characters, so tabula rasa, my friends. The world is our oyster, what a time to be alive, etc.

So what’s on my bucket list for the new series? Well, a combination of the ideals that have made Star Trek such a timeless franchise, some fantastic actors that can help bring back the intelligent, scientific exploration of the galaxy that so many people loved, and some fun throwbacks. Because what’s Star Trek without throwbacks? No Star Trek of mine, that's for damn sure.

A Strong Female Lead

Tilda Swinton, anyone? Captain Janeway broke new ground in the franchise, as captain of Voyager, but there hasn’t been another woman since who has led a ship. An actor like Swinton would be absolutely captivating.

A Nod To 'Star Trek' Generations Past

The originals are all getting a little long in the tooth, and let’s face it, they have guest starred in a great many movies. What about bringing Picard back? Or Geordi? Or how about Picard? Did I mention Picard?


Because, obviously.


Star Trek has long been a safe place for people of all walks of life. Interracial harmony was a thing in the future (in the past) and the franchise has long been about pushing the envelope past where the rest of pop culture rests, which brings it's almost into a place that represents the real world.

Wil Wheaton

For an actor who had to live out his awkward teenage years on a television show, the guy came out remarkably intact. He’s also an internet rockstar now, thanks to his blog, several web series, and about a million other things he’s produced and created. Wouldn’t he be a fantastic first officer?

Please, No Cardassians

Because the Kardashians have ruined yet another thing in pop culture, and this time it’s an entire race of alien beings. Thanks, Kardashians.

More Science, Less Fighting

Can we perhaps find our way back to the space exploration part of the Star Trek mandate? Because the swashbuckling is starting to wear on us. Action is great, but let’s try to remember that the people who are smart enough to travel in space are, well, smart.

New Technology!

Let’s face it, we now have a lot of the pieces of technology (OK, not transporters... yet!) that were featured on Star Treks past. How amazing is that? Tablets, tricorders, video calls—we're relying on the new series to show us what else the future holds!

Themes That Reflect The Challenges We Face In Our Current Society

Star Trek has always allowed itself to be a place to approach and retell the troubles we face in the real world. The writers find ways to challenge us to think differently, in the context of a futuristic culture. That’s one of the beautiful things about science fiction. We’re counting on you, Star Trek.

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