Your Kid's Gonna Be Obsessed With This Paint Your Own Unicorn Kit — Busy, Too

It seems that the world's obsession with unicorns is here to stay. Mania over the mythical creatures just continues to grow stronger, and toymakers feed the craze with product after product featuring the horned horses. Now, you can even paint your own unicorn with a toy that combines arts n' crafts and fantasy fun into one adorable sculpture. Your kiddo will be adding it to their Christmas list ASAP.

You can thank Kid Made Modern, a company that specializes in arts n' crafts and kids' home decor, for the adorable figurines. It's the crafty kid's dream brand, as it offers basically any tool or art project your little Picasso might need, including basics like paint brushes and easels to more inventive options like Cosmic Craft Kits. It's cool to see a children's company focused solely on tactile, artistic products in this day and age, as it offers a nice break from the beaucoup of screens you see everywhere.

The Paint Your Own Wooden Unicorn Kit is one of their latest additions, appealing to the millions of unicorn lovers in the market right now. The idea is for kids to paint their own sculpture, giving them the ability to personalize their very own unicorn. The simple wooden design of the horse and the familiar plastic paint set that comes with it gives me flashbacks to the toys I played with as a kid, and the cute design plus the dose of nostalgia is convincing me it's a must-have.

As you can see, the set comes with the unicorn sculpture, a paint set featuring five colors, and two paint brushes, as well as a glitter varnish to make it even more exciting. It retails for $11 and don't be shy about buying some extra paint in addition to the set that's included with purchase. I remember using up this kind of paint really quickly back in the day, and you'd hate to be run out of paint when the unicorn is only halfway decorated.

Like what you see? There's even better news. You can also buy the set as part of the Unicorn Crafts Bundle, which features a Unicorn Necklace Kit and a Design Your Own Unicorn Patch Kit in addition to the sculpture. Your kiddo can sport the necklace daily, or add some zest to their backpack with the unicorn patches. The whole bundle is on sale for $18 right now, which isn't even double the cost of the individual set. Translation: Now is the time to buy if you're going to bring unicorn art into your life.

The individual set and bundle package are both recommended for ages 3 and up, so let your little one enjoy finger painting a little longer before letting them move on to the big kid products. All of the items are available on Kid Made Modern, as are tons of other crafts kids will love. Head to the site to check out all of their products, including a stocking making kit that will be perfect for the holidays. Unicorn lovers, unite.