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Kylie Jenner Had The BEST Reaction After Losing Her Instagram Title To An Egg

With so many people these days doing it all for the 'gram, it's *definitely* an accomplishment to be part of the select few who have earned the title of having the most liked photo on Instagram. Usually, that's been reserved for only the most well-known celebs on social media, including Kylie Jenner, whose February photo of newborn daughter, Stormi, earned over 18 million likes. But on Sunday night, a photo of an egg ousted Kylie Jenner as Guinness World Records' "Most Liked Image On Instagram," according to The New York Times, and, well, it seems safe to say no one really saw that coming.

The photo, posted by user world_record_egg, was originally uploaded to Instagram on Jan. 4, and it's pretty much exactly what you'd expect — just a simple stock photo of a brown egg. In the caption though, the goal was clear: to encourage social media users to like the photo enough times to dethrone Jenner as the most liked on Instagram. And somehow, it worked, because as of Monday, the egg photo boasted over a whopping 29 million likes, earning it an official world record designation. In an e-mail to Romper, a rep for Guinness World Records confirmed that also means the humble egg has beaten massively popular photos from previous record holders, including Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Unfortunately, little is actually know about who is behind the stunt, and how they managed to drum up enough traction on social media to succeed with their ambitious plan. When BuzzFeed news attempted to contact the user behind the account, the outlet was told that the photo was posted "by a chicken from the British countryside" named Henrietta, and that the now-record-breaking image was one of her eggs. But given the absurdity of the photo's popularity, that's probably as good an explanation as any.

One person who wasn't about to let the egg steal her glory though? Jenner, who responded to the news that the account had broken her own record with an Instagram post of her own. And it was *amazing*: on Sunday, Kylie posted an old Snapchat video of herself cracking an egg on hot pavement, along with the caption, "Take that little egg."

But while the egg may be riding high at the moment — on Sunday, world_record_egg posted an Instagram Story announcing upcoming celebratory "Egg Gang" merch — it sounds like there are already others attempting to take the Guinness World Record crown. That same day, according to NBC News, a copycat account appeared on Instagram, attempting to drum up similar viral support for a photo of a potato (so far though, it seems the photo only has just over 5,000 likes).

As silly as this may all seem, The New York Times did note that it's actually a pretty big deal — the number of people who have liked the egg photo, for example, already outnumbers the entire population of Australia. And, in that sense, you have to hand the egg some credit, especially since it's not at all easy to round up that much internet momentum these days.

As for Kylie, it also doesn't seem like she's holding any hard feelings. In addition to her perfectly on-point response to losing her world record title, it seems that she actually liked the egg post herself, according to Cosmopolitan, as did sister Kendall Jenner, and friend Hailey Baldwin (Baldwin's husband, Justin Bieber, once had the most-liked Instagram photo himself in 2014, according to Guinness World Records).

It's not clear how long the egg can expect to ride the wave of Instagram fame (probably until another celebrity announces a pregnancy?), but for now at least, it's a pretty entertaining story. Besides, what better way to kick off 2019 by collectively allowing a random egg photo to win the internet? That's basically teamwork at its finest.

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