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A Pregnant Kylie Jenner Costume Exists Because, & Nope, This Is Not A Joke

by Laura Hankin

Halloween is only about a month away now, and the costume possibilities are endless! You could be an old classic, like a haunting witch, or something topical, like silly Snapchat filter. But it looks like there's an disturbing option that could dominate Halloween parties this year because, yup, a pregnant Kylie Jenner costume exists. It may not be the 2017 Halloween costume we expected, but perhaps it's the 2017 Halloween costume we deserve.

On Friday, People reported that the 20-year-old reality TV star and business mogul was expecting her first child, a daughter with boyfriend Travis Scott. Romper has reached out to representatives for both Jenner and Scott, but has not heard back yet. Repotedly, she is due in February. Although Jenner has yet to confirm the report, the internet has already gone haywire, with fans speculating up a storm.

I believe there's an old adage that says "Anything people are talking about come September will be turned into a sexy Halloween costume." So, of course, Yandy.com got on it right away, and churned out a "Reality Star in the Making" costume that is clearly meant to emulate Jenner even if it doesn't explicitly say so. Regardless, the link between the two just screams tacky and offensive.

The costume includes a short, tight, low-cut white dress and a fake pregnancy bump, and is available for pre-order at $59.99. Photos on the site also include a long black wig and an ever-present cell phone.

It's a sad and weird reality to live in when just days after a rumor dominated headlines, an incredibly offensive (and not at all attractive) take on Jenner's reported pregnancy has been created. Really, mocking and profiting from someone's alleged pregnancy is not OK and that needs to be said before any more variations of this costume begin cropping up at Halloween shops.

Honestly, there is a major ick factor to the pregnant Jenner costume, since she has yet to publicly confirm her pregnancy. The People story that reported the news talked to a source who said that Jenner was worried about it all getting out before she wanted it to. Perhaps this was exactly the kind of thing she was worried about. And look how America responded.

But, despite these obvious and glaring issues with the costume, people have been jumping all over the idea since the moment news broke that she's reportedly expecting. And judging from the reaction of the internet so far, it's entirely possible that people will cross the line and there could be quite a few pregnant Kylies at your Halloween party of choice, unfortunately.

As Teen Vogue reported, this isn't the first time the Kardashian clan as been a target of distasteful Halloween costumes. Just in the last few years, people decided it was a good idea to dress up like Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery and Caitlyn Jenner’s transition.

While I may not be particularly excited about the possibility of running into 20 sexy Kylie Jenners during Halloween festivities this year or thrilled that this even a thing to begin with, I am excited to see what Jenner herself does. After all, she did pull out a fierce Christina Aguilera costume last year. It's honestly anyone's guess about what she'll whip up this year, or won't.

But, as for the rest of us, hopefully America will do the right thing and steer clear of this offensive costume that too quickly became a reality.

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