You Need This 'Pretty Little Liars' 7A Refresher

Pretty Little Liars is about to launch into its final ten episodes, finishing up a seven year run that contained more fake deaths, ominous dolls, softly waved hair, and hyperrealistic rubber masks than you'd think a single television show could. It's been a wild ride from start to finish, but now all the pieces are sliding into place one last time as the show prepares to say goodbye to Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Alison, and Aria. But just in case you don't remember every single crazy thing that happened to them in Season 7 – and who could when there are so many? – here's a Pretty Little Liars Season 7A refresher to remind you of what brought each girl to where they are in "Playtime."

The girls have come a long way since the earliest days of Season 1. They've grown up and changed a lot, though they've also been unable to ever truly move on from their lives in Rosewood. No matter how hard they try, they remain been shackled to the weirdest little town in Pennsylvania as revenge plot after revenge plot wrecks any momentary peace they reach. Hopefully they'll be able to find a more permanent happiness before the show is over for good, but there's sure to be a lot more trouble in store before they get there.

Alison's Horrible Marriage

After having an affair with her sister Charlotte, Dr. Elliot Rollins (who is actually non-doctor Archer Dunhill) decided to gaslight Alison into falling for him, then drug her, put her in an institution, and steal all her money. As one does.

Hanna, Interrupted

Hanna went slightly off the deep end in 7A, but who could blame her? After being tortured in a barn by a mysterious someone, she became consumed with finding out the answers to everything going on in town. But because she's Hanna, all she was actually able to do was pointlessly torture Noel Kahn, whose involvement in things is still a big question mark. Hanna also ended up killing Archer – which was technically an accident, though that probably won't help with her mental state much.

The Math Of Love Triangles

Spencer and Caleb's romance came to a painful conclusion when they both realized he was still in love with Hanna, who was also still in love with him. Despite the fact that it broke her heart, Spencer ended their relationship just in time for the show to return to the romantic status quo right before it ends. Edgy. But until Spencer and Toby inevitably get back together, she's spending her time with a dashing placeholder, Marco The Detective.

Ezra & Aria Are Engaged

Ezra and Aria got engaged in 7A, though they ended up having to push back their nuptials when it was revealed that Ezra's ex Nicole was actually alive after being presumed dead for years. Aria spotted them smooching on live TV, which probably isn't a good sign. But considering the fact that Ezra is a total shadester who, let's not forget, dated his underage student (sorry not sorry, that is not and never will be okay), Aria should really just cut him loose and dive back into the loving arms of one Jason DiLaurentis. Speaking of –

Jason's Hair


It just has to be mentioned.

Alison Is Pregnant

Season 7A ended with Alison discovering that she was somehow pregnant with Archer's devil spawn, a troubling realization that pulled her and Emily back together. They shared a comfort kiss, which could mean they're on the road towards getting together for good.

Rising Death Toll

Not only did Sara Harvey meet an unceremonious end, but Noel Kahn had the most beautifully absurd death of all time. He fell onto an ax (???) and beheaded himself (???), his severed head rolling down the stairs of a Murder School for the Blind (???) before landing at the feet of the horrified Liars. Toby and Yvonne also got into a car crash as they tried to leave Rosewood (as if, guys); it's not clear whether either of them are dead, but I'd hazard a guess that Yvonne is a goner just so Toby can find his way back to Spencer.

Mary Drake Is Spencer's Real Mom

When it was discovered that Mary Drake had a second child while in Radley, one of the season's biggest mysteries revolved around finding out just who that child was. In the midseason finale, Mary revealed that Spencer was her daughter, a realization that is sure to leave Spencer reeling. What also didn't help? Spencer was shot mere moments before finding out.

For all the questions Season 7A appeared to answer, even more remain. Fans still have no idea who killed Charlotte, or who Uber A is – or why Uber A is killing off the very people who share their goals. Pretty Little Liars has a lot of ground to cover in its final episodes, because there is still so much that viewers don't know.