Watch This Teacher Use Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" To Teach Her Kids To Be Great

If you think you've encountered every magical rendition of Lizzo's most popular song to date, you'd be wrong. This heartwarming remix of Lizzo's "Truth Hurts," performed by a dedicated educator who has found a unique way to remind her students that, yes, they're great, is everything you didn't know you needed.

A video featuring DorothyHoney Mallari — a second grade teacher at Los Medanos Elementary School in Pittsburg, California — and her students has recently gone viral, according to People. And it's all because of the fun, upbeat way they begin the school day. The clip, which was posted by the Pittsburg Unified School District, was shared on Nov. 5 has since attracted nearly 490,000 views. And it isn't difficult to see why.

In the video, Mallari can be seen dancing on a table while she and her students enthusiastically perform a remix of Lizzo's hit "Truth Hurts." The teacher and her young students are on their feet, rocking out to tweaked lyrics of the catchy song. The modified version is much more, shall we say, age-appropriate, and goes a little something like this:

"Let's be great, cuz' I know we are great/I just took an ELA test, turns out I'm 100% that smart/Even when I'm feeling lazy/Yeah, I got math problems that's the student in me."

Someone give this class a gold record, people!

Watch the magic unfold in the video, below. I dare you not to smile.

Aside from some people who were concerned about Mallari's safety — considering she dances on a high surface in gigantic heels and who among us hasn't taken an untimely spill under similar circumstances?! — comments about the Facebook video have been overwhelmingly supportive. One person wrote, "YES! What a positive way to get the kids excited and ready to learn. Love It!"

Another Facebook user commented, "That’s soo cute!! That teacher was taking it back to her club days droppin it like it’s hot."

Yet another person chimed in with, "Can we please give teachers ALL the money!? (And respect, and support and resources and LOVE...)"

As a result of the inspiring video going viral practically overnight, Mrs. Mallari and her students had the opportunity to make an appearance on Good Morning America on Friday, Nov. 8. While there, they even got a shoutout from Lizzo herself. "Hey kids, It's Lizzo. I saw the wonderful video that y'all made. Your teacher is very cool," Lizzo said in a message played on GMA. "I wanna thank you so much for supporting me and I wanna let you know that you are 100% the future."

The singer continued:

You're so bright and so beautiful and so talented so keep it up and I hope to see y'all one day. I wanna drop in on your class so hopefully we can make that happen. In the meantime, stay bright.

OMG, so fun. (I didn't think it was possible, but somehow I love Lizzo even more now.)

Look, I'm sure Mrs. Mallari never in her wildest dreams imagined her positive morning ritual would blow up the way it has. But you know what? This amazing teacher deserves ever bit of recognition she's receiving. Just like the students she's teaching and uplifting, this educator is 100% great.