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Another 'Game Of Thrones' Flashback Could Happen In The Season 7 Finale

If there's one thing that hardcore Game of Thrones fans know, it's that the details matter. Details from several episodes or multiple seasons back can show up in unexpected ways, and some fans have been smart enough to predict the outcomes way ahead of time. Now, some fans are speculating about a potential flashback, courtesy of Bran, based on the episode title for the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale. For some, this basically more than proves that a Rhaegar and Lyanna wedding flashback may happen at long last. Because while the episode title, "The Dragon and the Wolf," could easily be talking about Jon Snow and Daenerys, there's an even greater chance (in my opinion) that it's referencing Jon's parents instead.

Nothing really happens on accident in Game of Thrones, and when someone drops a Rhaegar Targaryen bomb as explosive as the one Gilly did in Episode 5, you can be pretty sure it's going to come up again soon. Sitting with Sam in the Citadel, as he was growing more and more frustrated with the maesters' inaction, Gilly, reading an old maester's journal, innocently asked what the word "annulment" meant. Apparently someone called "Prince Rah-Gar" got an annulment from his wife to marry someone else in Dorne, which is where the Tower of Joy is located.

Gilly may as well have stood on the table, waved her arms, and screamed "Chekhov's gun!" at the screen. Rhaegar is almost certainly Jon's father, and if Rhaegar got a secret annulment and married Lyanna Stark, who is definitely Jon's mother, that means that Jon isn't a bastard at all. Game officially changed.

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The final episode is titled "The Dragon and the Wolf," which is a clear reference to the Targaryen House (the dragon) and Stark House (the direwolf). But Game of Thrones episode titles often mean more than they appear to. "The Dragon and the Wolf" could be referring to Jon and Dany, but it could also just as easily refer to Jon's parents, Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.

Season 6 ended with a flashback vision from Bran that proved Jon was Lyanna's (and probably Rhaegar's) son. After Gilly dropped that knowledge on Sam, who maddeningly didn't notice at all, there simply has to be some follow up. It makes a lot of sense that sometime during this 80-minute episode, Bran will helpfully show viewers the wedding between Rhaegar and Lyanna, confirming that Jon is actually a true-born Targaryen with a better claim to the throne than even Daenerys. And then hopefully he'll dispatch one of those turbo-speed ravens to Jon to tell him something like: Hey, actually you're not a bastard. You're a Targaryen and my cousin — not my brother. Also the hottie with the dragons is your aunt. Later! (Or, you know, something along those lines.)

Of course, Bran probably won't do this because Bran lacks basic communication skills and is too busy brooding by a tree. I hope we get a flashback of this wedding both to confirm what I basically already know and also to give me a mental picture of Rhaegar who I keep imagining as a slightly beefier Viserys. Luckily, at the lightning-speed pacing this show is going at right now, it could very well happen.