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'A Series Of Unfortunate Events' Theories Will Get You Excited For Season 3

Now that the second season of A Series of Unfortunate Events has ended, fans might have a long wait before the third (and final) season premieres. But that just gives them plenty of time to speculate about what might happen next, and these ASOUE Season 3 theories prove that viewers have a lot of ideas about the direction the show might take in future episodes.

That's partially because ASOUE has a clearer roadmap than other shows thanks to the book series its based on. It has stuck very closely to its source material throughout both seasons, and there's no reason to assume it won't continue to do so as it heads towards its last stretch of episodes. But while the books give the audience a hint about what's to come, there's always a chance that the show will alter things or add some unexpected moments.

Season 2 ended on quite a few cliffhangers. A mysterious woman played by Allison Williams arrived at the burned-down carnival the Baudelaires had just left, with the narration implying that she was connected somehow to the Snicket family and the strange sugar bowl everyone had their eye on. Meanwhile, the Baudelaires had landed in one of the most precarious positions they'd been in yet: Violet and Klaus were careening off a cliff, and Sunny was trapped with Count Olaf and his troupe.

It will take something major to get the Baudelaire children back on track, and these Season 3 theories try to answer any questions viewers had at the end of the second season.

Ambiguous Endings

The books have been noted for their ambiguous ending, which suits the tone of the series but might not sit well with audiences watching on Netflix for the first time. A thread on Reddit debated the possibility that the show would provide answers that the book did not, with many fans speculating that smaller mysteries might be solved to give the audience some satisfaction.

User sugarush1234 summed up those thoughts by saying, "I think they'll definitely leave a lot unsolved, like the books do, but I think we may get some answers to the smaller questions, maybe even what's in the sugar bowl. I think it definitely won't be a happy ending."

The Sugar Bowl

It seems like everyone in the V.F.D. wants to get their hands on the sugar bowl that Beatrice stole from Esmé Squalor, but no one quite knows why. A sugar bowl on its own is hardly significant, but there's no indication of what might be hiding inside it. This is something that has plagued book fans for years and never saw a resolution. Some think the bowl is empty and intended only to drive the action as a literary device, rendering whatever is inside it meaningless. Others suspect it contains an important cure to poison, or records proving Lemony Snicket is innocent of the arson he was framed for.

Many fans have tried to explain why the sugar bowl is so sought-after, but there's been no confirmation one way or the other about it. It's possible the show might give viewers that answer, at least, but it's just as possible that this will always go unsolved.

Kit Snicket

When Allison Williams appeared in the Season 2 finale, viewers immediately wanted to know her character's identity. The show dropped a few clues (she knows Lemony well, she has Jacques' taxi, she might also have the sugar bowl Esmé wants so badly, and she was acting as Madame Lulu before Olivia was) but didn't give up her name in the episode. There are a few different theories about who Williams is (she could even be a original character!) but the prevailing one is that she is the third Snicket sibling, Kit. It would account for all of her connections to the brothers and the V.F.D., plus Kit is an important character in the remaining books. This one feels so plausible that any other answer would be a surprise.


The Netflix series hasn't been quite as open with Beatrice's identity as the books were, though there have been countless references to her within the first two seasons. Beatrice is the Baudelaire children's mother, and she was incredibly important to narrator Lemony. Season 2 indicated that there was a chance someone survived the Baudelaire fire and a few fans have speculated that Beatrice might be that someone.

The Snicket file found at the Heimlich Hospital stated that someone escaped the flames, but didn't say who that someone was or which fire was being referenced. There was a secret passageway leading out of the Baudelaire home, which might have been a useful escape route. Since Beatrice has been so important to the story, it wouldn't be hugely surprising to see her show up again someday.

The Sebald Code

The V.F.D. deals in secret messages and in Season 1 it was revealed that they left coded information in the subtitles of films, such as the movie the Baudelaire children attended with Montgomery Montgomery. Reddit user Avachiel theorized that the Sebald Code was actually used to leave a message in the closed captions of Season 2. Unfortunately, they didn't have any idea what the message was or how exactly to crack the code. Perhaps it's something to keep an eye on in subsequent re-watches.

There are some questions Season 3 of A Series of Unfortunate Events might not answer, but that doesn't mean fans won't still be eager to see how it all unfolds.