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Malina Weissman & Louis Hynes Talk Filming 'ASOUE'

Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events is everything fans would want it to be and more. The show sticks pretty close to the books, is as unfortunate as you'd expect, has plenty of twists, and includes a stellar cast. While the show itself is quite dreary, what happened off-camera was (thankfully) not. Romper had the chance to speak with A Series of Unfortunate Events stars Malina Weissman and Louis Hynes, who play Violet and Klaus Baudelaire, about Neil Patrick Harris, the other costars they worked with, and the on-set pranks that ensued.

Harris is one of the biggest names in Hollywood right now and while some fans were weary about him stepping into the role of Count Olaf for the new Netflix series, he plays the role perfectly. He somehow combines villainy and hilarity so that while at times I couldn't take him seriously as a villain, I also couldn't help but be a little frightened by him. Although Harris plays the role of a villain well, that's nothing like how he is off-screen. According to Weissman and Hynes, the actor was incredibly kind and also helped them to become even better at their acting craft.

"Neil is such an incredible actor," Weissman says. "He inspired me so much, he taught me so much about acting. He's just an incredible actor to watch." Hynes echoed this sentiment as well, praising Harris for everything he taught them while on set. "Working with NPH was an incredible opportunity," Hynes states. "He is such an amazingly diverse and experienced actor. There is so much to learn from him and how he works." Hynes adds, "He was always so open to help me with suggestions or advice on how to play certain scenes. He is such a lovely person and an incredible actor that taught me so much during filming.

Joe Lederer/Netflix

What also brought some fun to the set was Weissman's on-going prank war with Hynes, her on-screen brother. Naturally, it quickly got out of hand. "My first prank was I TP-ed his trailer with our set teacher," Weissman admits with a laugh. Apparently, even their tutor on-set couldn't help but get into the fun. However, Hynes wasn't one to be beaten. He later retaliated with silly string, catching Weissman as she was getting out of the car. The two then got creative by poking holes in their water bottles to have a water fight.

In the end though, it was Hynes who claimed victory when he got Weissman on the last day of filming. "This is the worst but funniest one," Weissman states. "It was the last day of filming and he puts a fart bomb in my desk, so I take it out and I'm looking at and I'm like, 'What is this?' As I'm saying, 'What is this?' it explodes in my hand and the whole school room smelled so bad all day."

Obviously, the actors were able to find a way to have fun while having to film so many unfortunate events. And it worked out well for the show, which is amazing to watch. As far as what unfortunate event they had the best time filming, Hynes was quick to name Hurricane Herman as one of his favorite moments. "I really enjoyed filming Episodes 5 and 6 in Hurricane Herman, Hynes explains, while adding:

There were particular scenes in the boat with Alfre Woodard when we would be surrounded by green-screen. We would be running around a boat screaming and shouting trying to avoid a huge hurricane: all of which was in our minds. To everyone, before post production started, it looked as if we were running around a boat screaming at a green wall. It was all very surreal and funny to do and to do it with the amazing actors Alfre and Malina made it so much fun.

You can see Weissman, Hynes, and the rest of the cast in A Series of Unfortunate Events, which is now streaming on Netflix.