A 'Sister, Sister' Reboot Might Really Be Happening, & OMG, Yes

We are in the middle of a TGIF renaissance right now, and '90s kids are loving it. First, the Disney Channel gave us Girls Meets World, a gender-swapped, feminist take on Boy Meets World, featuring all the characters we grew up with. The titular boy, Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) stepped into the role of his former mentor, Mr. Feeney, and yes, Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) aged very well. Then, Netflix premiered Fuller House, which is... another reboot of a TGIF show, let's leave it at that. Now, it looks like a Sister, Sister reboot might happen, and clearly, the viewing public is more than ready for it.

Sister, Sister was only briefly included in the TGIF lineup; it aired on ABC for just two short seasons before being canceled, but the fledgling WB network picked it up for an additional four full seasons. Stars Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housley have long been vocal about bringing the show back, but now it's looking less "What if?" and more "It's happening, sweetheart." This past weekend, Tia told Us Weekly that she and her sister are "taking meetings as we speak" with the original producers, and a fall 2018 premiere is the current goal. Fans are so, so psyched.

Last month, Tia told Entertainment Tonight that the reboot was "definitely closer than ever." When asked if the entire original cast would return, she said that Jackée Harry, who played her mother, Lisa Landry, and Tim Reid, who played her twin's dad, Ray Campbell, "will definitely be a part of the show."

The plot would "pick up with where our lives are now," Tia added. "We're married, with kids." She and husband Cory Hardrict have a 6-year-old son, Cree, and Tia and husband Adam Housley have two children; daughter Ariah is 2, and son Aden turns 5 next week.

In September, RonReaco Lee, who played Tamera's boyfriend, Tyreke, stopped by The Real to chat with his former costars, and after cohost Tamera teased that the reboot was "almost there," she invited Lee to rejoin the cast. "Of course I'm on board!" Lee said.

And he even has thoughts on what's been happening with his character in the last 20 years. Security guard Tyreke "parlayed that into, like, a full-on firm," Lee on The Real. "He's doing bodyguard work, he's got people all over the place. He's doing big things." Does this mean Tyreke and Tamera are still together?

Maybe not. In August, Tamera told Us Weekly that "one of the characters would end up with Roger. I have an idea on what the characters will be doing, but it has to be a surprise!" Marques Houston, who played the twins' obnoxious neighbor, Roger Evans, made appearances on The Real with his costars more than once, so things are looking good for his character. Maybe he married Tia?

Tamera also told Us Weekly that she loves how fans are "just as eager as we are to get this thing up and running," and she and her sister are working hard to make sure they're rewarded. "We don’t just want to put something together and say, 'Hey, look, the reunion.' We want to make really good TV and that’s what we’re going to do now."

Tamera is proud of the show that she and her twin helped create when they were just kids, and she plans to do it justice, according to Us:

Sister, Sister started with these two girls who just had few acting credits under our name. We met with the right person and we created it ... I am so happy that 14-year-old girl decided to go for her dream. She wasn't too young to dream and to fulfill it.

But it looks like the two will be super busy, because Tia has another project in the works, just announced on Wednesday:

Congratulations to the whole extended family, and we can't wait to see both of your babies.

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