'A Star Is Born' Will Return To Theaters, But You Better Move Quickly

My children have kept me from what is starting to feel like my life's purpose — to see the newly Oscar-winning Lady Gaga strut her stuff onscreen with Bradley Cooper. Every time it seems like my turn to slip to the cineplex, another mom activity interferes. Luckily, Warner Bros. has announced that A Star Is Born is coming back to theaters for a limited time, so if you somehow missed the movie before, you're going to get another chance to see it on the big screen.

As The Hollywood Reporter detailed, the studio behind the massive hit has sensed what seems to me is a darn good opportunity in re-releasing the movie in theaters before its inevitable dominance on streaming services and at Redbox.

This time, however, the movie will include 12 minutes of new footage, with the opportunity to see the extended version coming to 1,150 theaters nationwide starting this Friday, the entertainment publication confirmed.

This limited-time opportunity will be for one week only, USA Today confirmed, and the additional footage will reportedly include Gaga's and Cooper's characters in two new sequences, as well as a scene in which the two write a new song together called Clover.

Audiences will get to see Lady Gaga's character singing to Cooper's character in a wedding montage and get to spy on Jack while he sings in his studio, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed.

The new version also contains an a cappella version of Shallow, which won Gaga an Academy Award for Best Original Song over the weekend, Entertainment Weekly added. Theaters will start showing the extended version of the film on Friday, USA Today noted, and those in both the United States and Canada will have the opportunity to catch it on the big screen.

The Hollywood Reporter noted the movie, which initially hit theaters last October, has grossed more than $425 million worldwide. Wow.

The film, of course, marks Cooper's directorial debut, and the star also co-wrote and starred in what became a years-long passion project for the star, as The Washington Post confirmed.

The movie was nominated for eight Oscars total, as awards website Goldderby.com noted, adding that three earlier screen versions of the story were similarly heavily nominated, but with few wins.

One of the big pulls of the movie, it seems, is the chemistry between its stars.

Entertainment Tonight reported that the pair jibe so well in performing together that their duet at the Oscars had some fans questioning if they are actually in love. (It's called acting, people. Cooper is paired with model Irina Shayk in real life, and the two have a daughter, the TV show's website confirmed.)

Maybe Gaga and Cooper's obvious enjoyment of each other is really due to the fact their teamwork has made both their already-stellar careers simply out of this world.

Cooper is now way more than just a handsome movie star but an accomplished filmmaker in his own right. Gaga is now a bona fide A-list actress in addition to her music career. Entertainment Tonight in fact noted that Gaga reportedly thanked Cooper the night of the Oscars for making her dream of film stardom come true.

I'm so glad for them — and for myself — with this re-release. I love being a parent, but sometimes, you get sick of having so little time to yourself.

When you've been momming too hard to see the biggest movie of the year, it's time to get the minivan (yes, I really have one) and go. I can't literally wait until Friday for A Star Is Born!